Grant Recipient definition

Grant Recipient means a nonprofit or governmental organization that receives funds to operate a center pursuant to this act.
Grant Recipient means the national government or a national government entity authorised to control or spend money under this Act or an incorporated or unincorporated body not otherwise authorised to control or spend money under this Act;
Grant Recipient means the party specified in the Grant Offer Letter as the Grant Recipient; HRA means the Human Rights Act 1998 and any subordinate legislation made under that Act from time to time together with any guidance or codes of practice issued by the relevant government department concerning the legislation; Ineligible Expenditure means expenditure incurred by the Grant Recipient which is not Eligible Expenditure, including the non-exhaustive lists of Ineligible Expenditure as set out in clause 5 of these Conditions;

Examples of Grant Recipient in a sentence

  • There should be no expectation of additional or continued funding on the part of the Grant Recipient.

More Definitions of Grant Recipient

Grant Recipient means any person or their authorized agent who has been awarded a grant.
Grant Recipient means the organization, corporation, agency or unit of government designated under an agreement between a private industry council and representative(s) of the parties to a 28E agreement to receive Job Training Partnership Act funds on behalf of a service delivery area of the state. “Local elected officials (LEO)” means county supervisors, except with respect to contiguous municipal corporations with a population of 200,000 or more that serve a substantial part of a labor market, in which case the mayor of that municipality(ies) is also a “local elected official.” LEOs must approve the local service delivery area’s local training plans and modifications before they are submitted
Grant Recipient means a person who applies for and is issued a qualifying COVID-19 grant by an administering agency.
Grant Recipient or “Grantee” means an entity to whom a grant has been awarded.
Grant Recipient means a county or municipality that receives a clean sweep grant, and includes an agent of that county or municipality.
Grant Recipient means a person or entity that receives a grant directly or indirectly from the municipality, a local board or a municipally-controlled corporation; (“bénéficiaire d’une subvention”)
Grant Recipient means the Republic of Indonesia or any agency of the Republic of Indonesia, or any NGO or other entity, for the benefit of which any Grant has been, or is proposed to be, made;