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Authorized Users Note. Some products/services in this Contract may be available from one or more Preferred Sources. Authorized Users are reminded to comply with the statutory requirements under §162 of the State Finance Law and the guidelines issued by the State Procurement Council to afford first priority to products/services available from Preferred Sources which meet your form, function and utility. The complete, updated list of Preferred Source Offerings is available on the OGS website, at xxxx:// TRADE-INS An Authorized User may trade in Products when making purchases from this Contract. Trade-ins must be negotiated between the Authorized User and the Contractor as there is no mandatory trade-in policy established in this Contract. Contractor is prohibited from imposing any mandatory requirements or restrictions on Product disposal (e.g., prohibiting cross-brand trade-ins), other than generic environmental safety concerns. An Authorized User is obligated to actively seek current fair market value when trading in Products and must keep accurate records in the procurement record verifying the process. For State Agencies, such trade-ins must comply with State Finance Law § 167 and it may be necessary to provide supporting documentation to the Office of the State Comptroller. NEW YORK STATE OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES POLICIES Authorized Users may require, as part of an RFQ, Contractor compliance with applicable ITS policies found at: xxxx://

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  • Some products/services in the resultant Contract(s) may be available from one or more Preferred Sources.Contractor will be required to prominently display the following language on all pricelists: Authorized Users Note: Some products/services in this Contract may be available from one or more Preferred Sources.

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  • Authorized Users means an individual or individuals with an authorized business requirement to access DSHS Confidential Information.

  • Authorized User means any individual to whom Customer grants access authorization to use the Cloud Service that is an employee, agent, contractor or representative of

  • Authorized Users(s) means an individual or individuals with a business need to access DSHS Confidential Information, and who has or have been authorized to do so.

  • Authorized Use the specified level at which Licensee is authorized to execute or run the Program. That level may be measured by number of users, millions of service units ("MSUs"), Processor Value Units ("PVUs"), or other level of use specified by Lenovo.

  • Named Users means a specific individual or device designated by Client to use or is managed by the ConnectWise Offering as specified in the Documentation. A non-human operated device or process may be counted as a Named User as specified in the Documentation if such device requires unique identification to the ConnectWise Offering (i.e. its own access credentials). Named Users' login credentials are for designated Named Users only and may not be shared among multiple individuals. Named Users' login credentials may be reassigned to new Named Users if the former users no longer require access to the ConnectWise Offering.

  • Unauthorized Use means either of the following:

  • Authorised Users means any of the following to whom You give permission to use the Software as part of Your BlackBerry Solution: (a) any of Your employees, consultants or independent contractors; (b) any friend or family member, or any person that resides in Your premises; and (c) any other person who RIM authorises in writing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Agreement does not convey the automatic right to have Your BlackBerry Server Software hosted by a third party. If You wish to do so, please contact RIM at: "BlackBerry Handheld Product", also known as "BlackBerry Device", means a device manufactured by or on behalf of RIM, including any such smartphone, smart card reader, tablet or BlackBerry Presenter and any other device expressly identified by RIM at xxxx:// as a BlackBerry Handheld Product.

  • Authorized Recipient means (1) the Shareholder of Record, or (2) any other Officially Designated person to whom redemption proceeds may be sent.

  • Named User means any individual authorized by Customer to Use a Package, including without limitation employees of its Affiliates or its Business Partners.

  • Unauthorized Access means the gaining of access to a “Computer System” by an unauthorized person or an authorized person in an unauthorized manner.

  • Username means an alphanumeric login identification used by the Client for accessing the Service.

  • Customer User means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.

  • Customer Information means any information contained on a customer’s application or other form and all nonpublic personal information about a customer that a Party receives from the other Party. Customer Information shall include, but not be limited to, name, address, telephone number, social security number, health information, and personal financial information (which may include a Masterworks user account number).

  • Authorized Distributor means a Distributor distributing product within the terms of an Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contractual agreement. Contractual Agreement terms include, but are not limited to, distribution region, distribution products or lines, and warranty flow down from the OCM/OEM. Under this distribution, the distributor would be known as an Authorized Distributor. The term Franchised Distributor is considered synonymous with Authorized Distributor.

  • Authorized Contractors means independent contractors, consultants, or other Third Parties (including other Governmental Entities) who are retained, hired, or utilized by any Governmental Entity to use, maintain, support, modify, enhance, host, or otherwise assist a Governmental Entity with any Services or Deliverables provided pursuant to an Underlying Agreement(s).

  • Authorised User means an individual who is registered with and authorised by the Institution to have access to its information services (whether on-site or off-site) via Secure Authentication and who is: a current student of the Institution (including undergraduates and postgraduates); an alumnus of the Institution; a contractor of the Institution; or a member of staff of the Institution (whether permanent or temporary, including retired members of staff and any teacher who teaches students of the Institution); or without prejudice to Clause 4.2, a Walk-In User and, unless the context otherwise requires, all references to “Authorised Users” in this Licence include “Additional Authorised Users”.

  • Customer Account Information means personally identifiable information including Personal Data and Consumption Data. Customer Account Information also includes information received by the Company from the customer for purposes of participating in regulated utility programs, including, but not limited to bill pay assistance, shutoff protection, renewable energy, demand-side management, load management, or energy efficiency.