national authority definition

national authority means an approval authority or any other authority involved in and responsible for, in respect of engines to be installed in non-road mobile machinery or of non-road mobile machinery in which engines are installed, market surveil­ lance, border control or the placing on the market in a Member State;
national authority means one or more public authority at the level of government, including those at regional and local levels, as well as Member State organisations within the meaning of Article 2(42) of the Financial Regulation, cooperating in a spirit of partnership in accordance with the Member States' institutional and legal framework;

Examples of national authority in a sentence

  • The Romanian Government offers to pay, through the National Authority for ScientificResearch, 70% of the investment costs of ELI.

  • A coalition composing of 15 organizations, including; Yemeni Organization for Socioeconomic Development, National Authority to Defend Rights (Hood), Nass Human Rights Center, Tanawo Rights and Freedoms, Future Partners Center.

  • ANATI (the National Authority of Land), among its many other functions, is in charge of mediating land-related disputes, dictating policies on indigenous peoples’ land, and improving the cadastral system.

  • It shall supervise the activities of the Technical Secretariat, cooperate with the National Authority of each State Party and facilitate consultations and cooperation among States Parties at their request.

  • IFA is now a public institution subordinated to the National Authority for Scientific Research.

More Definitions of national authority

national authority means the National Disaster Management Authority established under sub-section (1) of section 3;
national authority means one or more authorities in charge, at national level, of monitoring and supervising the management of the Programme in a Member State or in a third country associated to the Programme;
national authority means National Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority constituted under section 8;
national authority means such Authority designated by the Central Government under section 3;
national authority means an authority at the central level of government.