Control authority definition

Control authority means either:
Control authority means a public administrative organisation of a Member State to which the competent authority has conferred, in whole or in part, its competence for the inspection and certification in the field of organic production in accordance with the provisions set out under this Regulation; it shall also include, where appropriate, the corresponding authority of a third country or the corresponding authority operating in a third country;
Control authority means the commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Examples of Control authority in a sentence

  • The bidder shall submit a non-conviction certificate (NCC) issued by the concerned Drug Control authority in respect of the drugs against which bids have been offered having the validity period at the closing date of Bid submission.

  • A written agreement between the applicant and responsible Air Traffic Control authority having jurisdiction over the airspace through which a per- mitted launch or reentry is to take place, for measures necessary to ensure the safety of aircraft.

  • The bidder shall submit a non-conviction certificate in respect of the drugs against which bids have been offered, issued on or after the 1st day of January, 2017 by the concerned Drug Control authority.

  • The UN has issued guidance on UN Command and Control authority that may assist development of AU Policy.

  • The assessor and building inspector determine improvement value to determine substantial improvements.

More Definitions of Control authority

Control authority means to have direct or delegated responsibility for establishing, implementing or monitoring an industrial waste pre−treatment program.
Control authority means the GLWA, upon being officially designated as such by the State of Michigan under the provisions of 40 CFR 403.11, and the persons included in the designation enumerated in Chapter II, Article I.
Control authority means the POTW in relation to POTWs which have a pretreatment program and means the department in relation to POTWs which do not have a pretreat- ment program.
Control authority means the governing body of each
Control authority means the Director of the Water Quality Control Division or in the case of a POTW with an approved POTW Pretreatment Program, the POTW.