XIII Sample Clauses

XIII is different from, applicable law in effect as of the effective date of this Agreement, such reason may be deemed deleted, and such period or time shall be deemed ended, to conform with such applicable law:
XIII. The other attached forms are our standard terms and conditions, which are to be complied with. If any conflict arise between the specific terms and standard terms, then in those cases, the specific terms will prevail over the standard terms.
XIII. CURRICULUM The Law School curriculum shall have as to its objective to maintain an educational program that prepares its students for admission to the bar and effective and responsible participation in the legal profession. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to be effective attorneys by developing their abilities in critical thinking and problem-solving. The curriculum reflects a traditional legal education, while at the same time adopting the best practices for effective learning. The School of Law operates on a semester system and requires successful completion of ninety (90) credit hours for conferment of the J.D. degree. All requirements must be completed no earlier than twenty-four (24) months and no later than eighty-four (84) months after a student has commenced law study at the School of Law or an institution from which the School of Law has accepted transfer credit. Students have the option of applying to participate in several dual or joint degree programs, which allow students to earn another graduate degree as they complete the requirements of the program of legal education. Approved programs available to students at the School of Law include the Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and Master of Public Administration. More information regarding these programs is available on the law school website. No student may enroll in more than sixteen (16) credit hours during any fall or spring semester without approval from the student’s academic advisor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Under no circumstances may any student be allowed to enroll in coursework that, if successfully completed, would exceed eighteen (18) credit hours during any fall or spring semester. No student may enroll in more than three (3) classes, not to exceed seven (7) credits, during a summer semester. The number of credits includes those attributed to courses in other programs of study, including dual degree programs, other degree programs at LMU, or courses at any other institution of higher learning. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs may, in his or her discretion, make an exception to the restriction on summer credits if a student enrolls in a summer study program at or sponsored by another law school that does not conflict with the summer semester at the Duncan School of Law. Graduation requirements for full-time and flex-time students are identical. The only distinction among cohorts is the time it takes to ...