Work Included Sample Clauses

Work Included. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, superintendence, materials, plant, power, light, heat, fuel, water, tools, appliances, equipment, supplies, shop drawings, working drawings and other means of construction necessary or proper for performing and completing the work. He shall obtain and pay for all required permits necessary for the work, other than those permits such as the DEP permit and railroad permit, which may have already been obtained. He shall perform and complete the work in the manner best calculated to promote rapid construction consistent with safety of life and property and to the satisfaction of the County, and in strict accordance with the Contract Documents. The Contractor shall clean up the work and maintain it during and after construction, until accepted, and shall do all work and pay all incidental costs. He shall repair or restore all structures and property that may be damaged or disturbed during performance of the work. The cost of incidental work described in these General Requirements, for which there are no specific Contract Items, shall be considered as part of the general cost of doing the work and shall be included in the prices for the various Contract Items. No additional payment will be made. The Contractor shall be solely responsible for the adequacy of his workmanship, materials and equipment.
Work Included a. This contract shall include all work necessary for a complete automatic fire sprinkler system for the tenant improvement of the shell building. b. The shell building includes necessary standpipes, tamper switches, flow and alarm switches and alarm bell.
Work Included. A. Excavation of trenches for utilities and storm sewers.