Fuel System Sample Clauses

Fuel System. Fuel delivery pump; fuel injection pump; fuel injectors; fuel tank; metal fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; fuel sending unit; fuel gauge; air control valve; engine control module (ECM) and fuel injection sensors. BRAKE: Master cylinder; power brake cylinder; vacuum assist booster; calipers; wheel cylinders; compensating valve; anti-lock brake sensors; hydraulic lines and fittings; and parking brake actuator.
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Fuel System. Fuel shall be delivered to the unit from the owner’s onsite propane storage tank. The Manufacturer shall make the final connections of the fuel line to the engine.
Fuel System. Permittee acknowledges that City has granted to a party the sole and exclusive right to operate a fuel system on the Airport. Permittee acknowledges and agrees that, to the extent it desires to receive distribution of jet fuel on Airport premises, it must receive such distribution from such party, on the terms and conditions established by such party.
Fuel System. In tank fuel pump, fuel injector(s), and fuel pressure regulator.
Fuel System. A. The fuel tank shall have a minimum capacity of 60 gallons and be on the right hand side of the chassis rail or between frame rails. (QACPS Requirement) When the fuel to be used is diesel the appropriate label is fixed on the fuel door.
Fuel System. Fuel pump, pressure regulator, metering valve, fuel injectors, vacuum pump, metal fuel delivery lines, fuel tank, fuel sender.
Fuel System. Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection Pump and Metal Fuel Delivery Lines.
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Fuel System. Fuel delivery pump; fuel injection pump; metal fuel lines; fuel pressure regulator; fuel sending unit; fuel gauge.
Fuel System. Fuel injectors; Piezo injectors; fuel pumps (including high-pressure pump); metal and plastic lines and fittings; fuel injection and air flow sensors.
Fuel System. Fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, fuel injection valve/nozzle, fuel injection lines and unit injectors. Governor group.
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