Water Facilities Sample Clauses

Water Facilities. Not applicable at this time. The use of the property by the Owners without connection to Village Water Facilities is considered a legal nonconformity pursuant to Section 17.13.050.B of the UDO. Future redevelopment of the property will require connection to Village Water Facilities unless a variance is granted at that time.
Water Facilities. A. The Owner shall provide the Contractor with reasonable access to water necessary for construction operations at the site.
Water Facilities. Those facilities required for the production, ----------------- treatment, storage, and delivery of both potable and irrigation water to, on, or for the Property, all as more particularly described hereunder.
Water Facilities. Developer acknowledges that the water transmission and storage facilities to be installed by Developer as part of the Backbone Infrastructure will be owned and operated by the Placer County Water Agency (“PCWA”). Accordingly, the design of these water facilities shall be subject to approval by PCWA and any reimbursements or credits associated with these water facilities shall be subject to and dependent upon Developer and/or the Participating Developers entering into a separate agreement(s) with PCWA. The costs of these water facilities shall not be included within the fees outlined in Section 2.5. Developer also acknowledges that PCWA is currently planning for the potential extension of a major water transmission main to transport water from the Sacramento River to PCWA’s system, which is anticipated to be located, in part, within the alignment for Baseline Road. Developer has confirmed with PCWA that the location of such transmission main may be able to be located within the portion of Baseline Road planned to be widened as part of the Remaining Backbone Infrastructure. County agrees to cooperate with Developer and PCWA to allow any such major water transmission main to be located within such portion of Baseline Road.
Water Facilities. No new capital improvements will be required to provide water services to the area.
Water Facilities. The City represents that the water distribution system of the City, as of the date of the execution of this Agreement, (i) has been extended to the eastern boundary of the Subject Realty in the Geneva Drive public right-of-way or in other permanent easements held by the City, (ii) has sufficient line capacity to serve the potable water and fire suppression needs of the Subject Realty when developed in accordance with the Preliminary PUD Plans, and (iii) may be accessed and utilized to serve development on the Subject Realty without imposing any so- called recapture or reimbursement fee or capital infrastructure fee upon the Developer other than as reflected on the Fee Schedule as defined in Paragraph 10 below. The potable water mains designed and constructed by Developer within the boundaries of the Subject Realty to serve the development thereon (the “On-Site Water Mains”) shall be (i) situated within on-site easements and (ii) conveyed to the City prior to occupancy and the City shall take ownership of and, at its expense, be responsible for the ongoing care, maintenance, replacement and renewal of the On-Site Public Water Mains in accordance with City regulations.