Customer Facilities Sample Clauses

Customer Facilities. Customer has sole responsibility for installation, testing and operation of the facilities, services and equipment (“Customer Facilities”) other than as specifically provided by Mosaic as part of the Services described in a Service Order. In no event will untimely installation or non-operation of Customer Facilities (e.g., local access, including cross connects, when Customer is responsible therefor) relieve Customer of its obligation to pay charges for the Services as of the Start of Service or upon cancellation / disconnection of Services.
Customer Facilities. 4.1 The Customer shall test Customer Facilities and ensure that they are complete, in good working order and ensure that all specifications are not less than the minimum determined by the Supplier.
Customer Facilities. Customer Facilities consist of water service pipelines, piping, meters, plumbing, and related appurtenances used to convey water from a Water Main to an individual Customer, including the physical connection of a service line to a Water Main. The dividing point between the Water Main and the Customer Facilities is the downstream end of the Corporation Stop. Customer Facilities shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements contained in the Rules and Regulations and with applicable building codes. (d)
Customer Facilities. 5.1 Customer shall test Customer Facilities, ensure that Customer Facilities are complete and in good working order, ensure that all specifications are not less than the minimum determined by Telephone Europe. Upon a date to be notified by Telephone Europe, Telephone Europe may inspect Customer Facilities at the Customer’s premises in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Customer Facilities. Customer shall at Customer’s sole cost and expense, construct, own, operate and maintain all facilities that are required to receive electric service at the Industrial South Premises from DU, on Customer’s side of the Point of Delivery. Such customer-owned and maintained facilities may include on-site transformers and secondary electrical infrastructure from the customer-owned transformers to Customer’s internal switchgear. Customer shall meet with DU to discuss and agree upon the appropriate Customer facilities.
Customer Facilities. To the extent required by Upland, Customer will, upon request, promptly make available to Upland certain of its facilities, computer resources, software programs, networks, personnel, and business information as are required to perform any service or obligation hereunder. Upland agrees to comply with Customer’s rules and regulations regarding safety, security, and conduct, provided Upland has been made aware of such rules and regulations. SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE SCHEDULE UPLAND SOFTWARE This Software-as-a-Service Schedule, together with its exhibits, supplements the Master Services Agreement to which this Schedule is attached and sets forth additional terms and conditions subject to which Upland will make available certain Services and Applications and Customer will be permitted to access and use such Services and Applications. This Schedule shall apply only where a Sales Order made subject to this MSA expressly indicates that Customer has purchased rights to a Software-as-a-Service (or “SaaS”) Application made available by Upland on a subscription basis.
Customer Facilities. During the term of an applicable SOW, Customer, upon Vendor’s request, shall make reasonably necessary office space, furnishings, and storage space (the “Customer Facilities”) available to Vendor’s on-site personnel performing Services at Customer locations specified in the applicable SOW. Office space, furnishings, storage space, and assets installed or operated on Customer premises and supplies allocated are provided “AS IS, WHERE IS.” Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, Vendor shall use Customer Facilities for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the Services to Customer. Use of such facilities by Vendor does not constitute a leasehold interest or any other rights in favor of Vendor. Vendor shall comply (at Vendor’s own cost and expense), and shall cause Vendor Personnel to comply, with all applicable laws and regulations, including all of Customer’s standard policies and procedures that are posted at Customer Facilities or are otherwise provided to Vendor, from time to time, in writing regarding access to and use of Customer Facilities, including procedures for the physical security of Customer Facilities. Vendor shall not make any improvements or modifications to the Customer Facilities without the prior written consent or Customer. Any such improvements will be owned by Customer.
Customer Facilities. If Training is to be delivered at a Customer office, RGS Personnel shall be provided a safe and adequate workspace. The Customer shall provide all such facilities, supplies, and services as RGS determines are reasonably required for the performance of the RGS Personnel’s duties under this Agreement, including sufficient network access to allow for internet access from the RGS Personnel’s laptop, and from Participants receiving the training.