Unforeseen Circumstances Sample Clauses

Unforeseen Circumstances. Contractor is not responsible for any delay caused by natural disaster, war, civil disturbance, labor dispute or other cause beyond Contractor's reasonable control, provided Contractor gives written notice to County of the cause of the delay within 10 days of the start of the delay.
Unforeseen Circumstances. As a rule, the contractor is not entitled to any modification of the contractual terms due to circumstances of which the contracting authority was unaware. A decision of the Belgian State to suspend cooperation with a partner country is deemed to be unforeseeable circumstances within the meaning of this article. Should the Belgian State break off or cease activities which implies therefore the financing of this procurement contract, Xxxxxx will do everything reasonable to agree a maximum compensation figure.
Unforeseen Circumstances. It means circumstances outside THE CARRIER’s normal operations which prevent operation of a flight or delay its departure or arrival, such as weather conditions, technical failures outside the scheduled or routine maintenance of the aircraft, issues and circumstances related to Passengers or third parties, malfunctioning of ground support equipment, political circumstances, strikes, riots, wars, curfews, and airport closures, among other things.
Unforeseen Circumstances. (A) If additional conservation measures are necessary to respond to unforeseen circumstances, the USFWS Director may require additional measures of the Permittee and enrolled Landowner(s) where the CCAA is being properly implemented, but only if such measures are limited to modifications within the CCAAs conservation strategy for the affected species, and only if those measures maintain the original terms of the CCAA to the maximum extent possible. Additional conservation measures will not involve the commitment of additional land, water, or financial compensation, or additional restrictions on the use of land, water, or other natural resources available for development or use under the original terms of the CCAA without the consent of the Permittee and the enrolled Landowner(s).
Unforeseen Circumstances. In the event of mechanical failure or other unforeseen occurrences that render the fulfillment of this agreement by the City of Steamboat Springs impossible or impractical, this agreement shall be terminated or suspended at the City's option, and the undersigned waives any claim for damage or compensation should this agreement be terminated. (Initial)
Unforeseen Circumstances. Those acts or occurrences beyond the reasonable contemplation of the parties at the time of execution of this Contract that materially alter the financial conditions upon which this Contract is based.
Unforeseen Circumstances. An employee is not in breach of any of these notice requirements if the employee’s failure to comply is caused by unforeseen or other compelling circumstances, including:
Unforeseen Circumstances. 25.1 We will not be responsible to you if we fail to comply with any of these Terms:
Unforeseen Circumstances. Neither party shall be liable for damages for, nor shall this Agreement be terminable or cancelable by reason of, any delay or default in any such Party’s performance hereunder if such default or delay is caused by events beyond such Party’s reasonable control including, but not limited to, acts of God, regulation or law or other action of any government or agency thereof, war or insurrection, civil commotion, destruction of production facilities or materials by earthquake, fire, flood or storm, labor disturbances, epidemic, or failure of suppliers, public utilities or common carriers. Each party agrees to endeavor to resume its performance hereunder if such performance is delayed or interrupted by reason of such forces majeure as listed above. Any monies tendered under this agreement to that point are not refundable.
Unforeseen Circumstances. If work is interrupted due to circumstances beyond the control of the Employer including, but not limited to, inclement weather, a breakdown causing discontinuance of a major unit of the project, etc., Employees who have reported for work and have begun work will be paid a minimum of four (4) hours on a five-eight (5/8) shift or five (5) hours on a four-ten (4/10) shift. If work proceeds beyond these hours, Employees will be paid actual hours worked.