Untimely Sample Clauses

Untimely filed Proof of Claim and Release Forms shall be rejected by the Administrator and no payment shall be made.
Untimely. If the president, or designee, concludes that the submission is untimely, the president, or designee, will notify that the grievance has been deemed time-barred and no further proceedings will be required at Step 2 or Step 3. Submission Fails to Satisfy the Requirements of § 8.3 (1)
Untimely. (i.e., late (more than 12 minutes, early to stops/schools)
Untimely. Availability 17.1 If the Leased Premises are not available on the agreed commencement date of the lease, as a result of the fact that the Leased Premises are not ready on time - not being due to the Lessee's request - the previous user has not vacated the Leased Premises on time or the Lessor has not yet obtained from the authorities the licenses for which he, the Lessee, is responsible, the Lessee shall be exempt from payment of rent or expenses for additional supplies and services until the date on which the Leased Premises are available to him and his other obligations and the agreed terms of the lease will be postponed accordingly. The price index date shall remain unchanged. 17.2 The Lessor shall not be liable for damage to the Lessee resulting from the delay, unless serious negligence or gross fault can be imputed to him in this respect. 17.3 The Lessee may not claim cancellation, unless the overdue delivery is a result of premeditated action or negligence on the part of the Lessor, and as a consequence leads to such a delay that the Lessee cannot reasonably be expected to uphold the agreement without amendments.

Related to Untimely

  • Timeliness Time is of the essence in this Agreement.

  • Returns Provided no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, if any Account Debtor returns any Inventory to Borrower, Borrower shall promptly (i) determine the reason for such return, (ii) issue a credit memorandum to the Account Debtor in the appropriate amount, and (iii) provide a copy of such credit memorandum to Bank, upon request from Bank. In the event any attempted return occurs after the occurrence and during the continuance of any Event of Default, Borrower shall hold the returned Inventory in trust for Bank, and immediately notify Bank of the return of the Inventory.

  • Delays If no event of Force Majeure shall have occurred and be continuing and in the event that a delay shall have been caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of the Custodian in carrying out an Instruction to credit or transfer cash, the Custodian shall be liable to the Fund: (a) with respect to Principal Accounts, for interest to be calculated at the rate customarily paid on such deposit and currency by the Custodian on overnight deposits at the time the delay occurs for the period from the day when the transfer should have been effected until the day it is in fact effected; and, (b) with respect to Agency Accounts, for interest to be calculated at the rate customarily paid on such deposit and currency by the Subcustodian on overnight deposits at the time the delay occurs for the period from the day when the transfer should have been effected until the day it is in fact effected. The Custodian shall not be liable for delays in carrying out Instructions to transfer cash which are not due to the Custodian's own negligence or willful misconduct.

  • Timeliness of Submitting Orders a. You are obliged to date and indicate the time of receipt of all orders you receive from your customers and to transmit promptly all orders to us in time to provide for processing at the price next determined after receipt by you, in accordance with the Prospectuses. You are not to withhold placing with us orders received from any customers for the purchase of shares. You shall not purchase shares through us except for the purpose of covering purchase orders already received by you, or for your bona fide investment.

  • Failure to Produce In the event the Buyer fails to produce the aforementioned letter or other acceptable verification by the date above in Section IV(c), this Agreement may be terminated at the election of the Seller with written notice provided to the Buyer within calendar days from the date in Section IV(c);

  • Encounter Data Party shall provide encounter data to the Agency of Human Services and/or its departments and ensure further that the data and services provided can be linked to and supported by enrollee eligibility files maintained by the State.

  • Processing of a Grievance It is recognized and accepted by the Union and the Employer that the processing of grievances as hereinafter provided is limited by the job duties and responsibilities of the employees and shall therefore be accomplished during normal working hours only when consistent with such employee duties and responsibilities. The aggrieved employee and a Union representative shall be allowed a reasonable amount of time without loss of pay when a grievance is investigated and presented to the Employer during normal working hours provided that the employee and the Union representative have notified and received the approval of the designated supervisor who has determined that such absence is reasonable and would not be detrimental to the work programs of the Employer.

  • Grievability Denial of a petition for reinstatement is grievable. The grievance may not be based on information other than that shared with the Employer at the time of the petition for reinstatement.

  • Incorrect Payments If any payment (whether made in cash, securities or other property) not permitted under this Agreement is received by any Subordinated Creditor on account of the Subordinated Indebtedness before all Senior Indebtedness is Paid in Full, such payment shall not be commingled with any asset of such Subordinated Creditor, shall be held in trust by such Subordinated Creditor for the benefit of the Lenders and shall promptly be paid over to the Lenders, or their respective designated representatives, for application (in accordance with the Purchase Agreement, the Notes or the Permitted Refinancing Loan Documents) to the payment of the Senior Indebtedness then remaining unpaid, until all of the Senior Indebtedness is Paid in Full.

  • Outcome Measurable change that occurs as a result of a program’s overall performance in implementing its planned Activities.