Response definition

Response means the material submitted by the respondent in answering the solicitation.
Response means (a) “response” as such term is defined in CERCLA, 42 U.S.C. § 9601(24), and (b) all other actions required by any Governmental Authority or voluntarily undertaken to (i) clean up, remove, treat, abate or in any other way address any Hazardous Material in the Environment; (ii) prevent the Release or threat of Release, or minimize the further Release, of any Hazardous Material; or (iii) perform studies and investigations in connection with, or as a precondition to, or to determine the necessity of the activities described in, clause (i) or (ii) above.
Response means a written response containing the information provided for in Section 7.3(c).

Examples of Response in a sentence

To evaluate Duration of Response (DOR), and Progression-free Survival (PFS) per RECIST 1.1 assessed by central imaging vendor and Overall Survival (OS).

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Genetic determinants of EGFR-Driven Lung Cancer Growth and Therapeutic Response In Vivo.

More Definitions of Response

Response means the Contractor’s bid, proposals, quote, or any other document used by the Contractor to respond to the State Entity’s Solicitation.
Response or "Respond" shall mean action taken in compliance with Environmental Laws to correct, remove, remediate, cleanup, prevent, mitigate, monitor, evaluate, investigate, assess or abate the Release of a Hazardous Material.
Response means the same as “Proposal” or “Submission”;
Response or “Submission” means an Expression of Interest;
Response means the Contractor’s submitted response to the RFX, including any modifications or clarifications accepted by FLVS.
Response means the written proposal submitted by Vendor to CTS in accordance with this RFQ. The Response shall include all written material submitted by Vendor as of the date set forth in the RFQ schedule or as further requested by CTS.
Response means a message that, when appropriately interpreted, represents an answer to a Query.