Deficiencies Sample Clauses

Deficiencies. It is understood that the Loan Parties shall remain liable to the extent of any deficiency between the amount of the proceeds of the Collateral and the amount of the Finance Obligations.
Deficiencies. Without limiting or waiving any other remedies available to City, City’s remedies shall include the following in connection with deficiencies in Tenant’s operations:
Deficiencies. Contractor agrees to correct transactions, errors or deficiencies identified by DHCS, and transactions errors or deficiencies identified by an enrolled provider if the Contractor is acting as a clearinghouse for that provider. When County is a clearinghouse, Contractor agrees to properly communicate deficiencies and other pertinent information regarding electronic transactions to enrolled providers for which they provide clearinghouse services.
Deficiencies. No deficiency or proposed adjustment in respect of Taxes that has not been settled or otherwise resolved has been asserted or assessed by any taxing authority against the Company.
Deficiencies. Each Borrower specifically agrees that in the event of a foreclosure under the Security Agreement, any other security agreement or other similar agreement held by Lender which secures any part or all of the Borrowers' joint and several liability and in the event of a deficiency resulting therefrom, each Borrower shall be, and hereby is expressly made, liable to Lender for the full amount of such deficiency notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement or provision of such agreement, any document or documents evidencing the indebtedness secured by such agreement or any other document or any provision of applicable laws which might otherwise prevent Lender from enforcing and/or collecting such deficiency. Each Borrower hereby waives any right to notice of a foreclosure under any security agreement or other similar agreement given to Lender by any other Borrower which secures any part or all of the Borrowers' joint and several liability.
Deficiencies. No deficiency or adjustment in respect of Taxes has been proposed, asserted or assessed by any Taxation Authority against the Company. There are no outstanding refund claims with respect to any Tax or Tax Return of the Company.
Deficiencies. If, in Patheon’s sole discretion, acting reasonably, Patheon determines that any of the information given by Client under clauses (b) and (c) above is inaccurate or deficient in any manner whatsoever (the “Deficiencies”), Patheon will notify Client in writing of the Deficiencies within [***] Business Days of Patheon becoming aware of the Deficiencies. The parties will work together to have the Deficiencies resolved prior to any pre-approval inspection.
Deficiencies. No deficiencies for any Taxes have been proposed, asserted or assessed against AIMCO and there is no outstanding waiver of the statute of limitations with respect to any Taxes or Tax Returns of AIMCO.
Deficiencies. The Administration will identify, where appropriate, any deficiencies and provide suggestions or otherwise assist the faculty member with any necessary correction or remediation. A second or third evaluation of a faculty member will be at the discretion of the faculty member’s supervising Dean or at the request of the faculty member and in accordance with the requirements outlined in this Article. In completing the appropriate Faculty Evaluation Performance Review form, the faculty member’s supervising Dean shall complete the appropriate sections of the form to ensure the following:
Deficiencies. In the event that, prior to the time of any payment required to be made from the Rebate Fund, the amount in the Rebate Fund is not sufficient to make such payment when such payment is due, the Authority shall direct the Borrower to calculate or cause to be calculated the amount of such deficiency and transfer to the Trustee for deposit an amount received from any legally available source equal to such deficiency prior to the time such payment is due. Each payment required to be made pursuant to this Subsection (iv) shall be made to the Internal Revenue Service Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19255 on or before the date on which such payment is due, and shall be accompanied by Internal Revenue Service Form 8038T, or shall be made in such other manner as provided under the Code.