Unit Allocation Sample Clauses

Unit Allocation. The average number of units taught by an individual within an academic unit over the four assignment years ending with the year of calculation.
Unit Allocation. Borrower hereby designates the units identified in Exhibit B attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference, as the Assisted Units. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Borrower shall have the right, from time to time, to re-designate the location of the Assisted Units in the Project so long as: (i) during the time in which the use restrictions remain in effect, the number of the Assisted Units remains at sixteen (16) beds throughout the Affordability Period; and (b) Borrower shall obtain City’s prior written approval before re-designating the Assisted Units. As specified in Section 8, Borrower will advise City on an annual or other periodic basis in writing of the number of Units occupied by Low Income Tenants as part of the Report to City.
Unit Allocation. The lessee will be allocated a unit upon payment of the deposit and initial rental.The allocation of any unit falls within the lessor’s sole discretion.
Unit Allocation. Upon completion of the plan check process for the issuance of building permits for construction of the first residential building of the PROJECT, CITY agrees to allocate to IRVINE under and pursuant to the NORTH SAN JOSE POLICY up to four hundred fifty (450) market-rate units within Phase I of the NORTH SAN JOSE POLICY for the PROJECT, based upon the actual number of units to be constructed as a part of the PROJECT.