Cost Allocation Sample Clauses

Cost Allocation. Cost allocation of Generator Interconnection Related Upgrades shall be in accordance with Schedule 11 of Section II of the Tariff.
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Cost Allocation. If any part of the costs to be reimbursed under this Grant Contract are joint costs involving allocation to more than one program or activity, such costs shall be allocated and reported in accordance with the provisions of Department of Finance and Administration Policy Statement 03 or any amendments or revisions made to this policy statement during the Term.
Cost Allocation a) For non-performance based contracts, the proper allocation of the Contractor’s costs must be made according to a cost allocation plan that meets the requirements of OMB Circulars A- 87, A-122, and/or A-21. Methods used to determine and assign costs shall conform to generally accepted accounting practices and shall be consistent with the method(s) used by the Contractor to determine costs for other operations or programs. Such accounting standards and practices shall be subject to approval of the State.
Cost Allocation. For services rendered by MAEM to Project Companies under this Agreement and/or any Direct Contract, each Project Company shall pay MAEM, on a monthly basis, its share of allocated costs including, but not limited to, personnel costs (the “Service Fee”). For purposes of determining Project Company’s share of allocated costs, MAEM shall apply an industry standard methodology which is applied uniformly across the Asset Companies. Each of MAEM and Project Company acknowledges that the monthly allocations may be adjusted from time to time.
Cost Allocation. Notwithstanding anything in the Compact to the contrary, the Regulatory Fees for all class III activities under the Compact, including those applicable to the activities described in this Appendix (except for the first year fees set by estimate as provided in Sections 13.4.1), shall be set by determining the cost of regulating the Tribe’s class III activities using the State’s cost allocation model currently in use as of the effective date of this Amendment.
Cost Allocation. If required by applicable law, the Company shall pay all additional costs peculiar to the arbitration to the extent such costs would not otherwise be incurred in a court proceeding (for instance, the Company shall pay the arbitrator’s fees, and the JAMS administration and filing fees, to the extent such fees exceed court filing fees).
Cost Allocation. Each party shall share equally the cost of the arbitrator. In the event one of the parties wants transcripts from the proceedings of the arbitration, the party requesting the transcripts shall pay all costs. If each party requests a transcript, they shall equally share the costs.
Cost Allocation. These costs shall be drawn once per month on or after payroll but as close to payroll as practicable, based on the same month's prior year cash outlay requirements. Draws shall be adjusted monthly to actual allocation of costs.
Cost Allocation. (a) As the Host Company will be the sole beneficiary of the services rendered by the Secondee, the Host Company shall bear the Totally Costs incurred by the Secondment at the Host Company and the Home Company according to the Worldwide Secondment Agreement.
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