Truth Sample Clauses

Truth. I represent and warrant that: (a) I have read this Participation Agreement; (b) I shall read all agreements that are part of the NICA registration process; (c) I will not consent to any of these Agreements unless I understand them; and (d) the information I provide in the Agreements and as part of the registration process for the Events is true.
Truth. Gr. aletheia
Truth. Learning as a process of generating knowledge unites the human being with the world’s laws and this process makes the human being capable.
Truth. An immediate consequence of the view I have been defending is that it makes no sense to say of a sentence that it is true simpliciter (even when the context of utterance has been fixed). The most one can say is that the sentence is true or false according to a given semantic theory and that the semantic theory delivers such and such a combination of simplicity of strength. Fortunately, it doesn’t follow that the notion of truth simpliciter must be given up. I will argue in this section that one can say of an assertion that it is true or false simpliciter.Before saying what it is for an assertion to be true simpliciter, I must say what it is for a sentence to be true relative to a context of assessment. Following John MacFarlane and others,3 I distinguish between a sentence’s context of utterance and its context of assessment. The context of utterance is what fills the contextual parameters in semantic components of sentences: it is, for example, what determines the referent of ‘I’ in my utterance of ‘I am hungry’. Accordingly, it is the context of utterance that fills the con- textual parameter in the notion of truth-according-to-a-semantic-theory. The context of assessment, on the other hand, is a set of mutually exclusive open possibilities with respect to which the truth of a given sentence is to be assessed once the sentence’s contextual parameters have been filled in by a context of utterance.The notion of truth relative to a context of assessment can be characterized as follows. Sentence φ is true relative to context of assessment ffi just in case the following three conditions are satisfied:
Truth. No representation or warranty of any Seller Party in this Agreement, nor any written statement or certificate furnished or to be furnished to Buyer by a Seller Party pursuant to Section 2.6 of this Agreement or pursuant to any Seller Ancillary Document, contains or, in the case of such certificate, will contain any untrue statement of a material fact, or omits or, in the case of such certificate, will omit a material fact necessary to make the statements contained herein and therein not misleading. All data and documents contained in the electronic data provided to Buyer by Seller in connection with the Acquisition and which are listed in Schedule 4.15 hereto represent accurate and complete copies of all originals of such data and documents. Seller has delivered a copy of Sections 4.5 and 4.11 of this Agreement to those individuals listed on Schedule 1.1(c) under the heading: "Persons Reviewing Sections 4.5 and 4.11" and requested that each of them read those Sections and advise Seller in writing of any inaccuracies that they believed were contained in those Sections. Seller also delivered the final execution version of this Agreement to each of the other individuals listed on Schedule 1.1(c) prior to its execution and requested that each one of them read this Agreement and advise Seller in writing of any inaccuracies that they believed were contained herein.
Truth. 0 20 40 60 80