Mandate Sample Clauses

Mandate. The Committee shall be entitled to discuss any matter which is mutually agreed by the Parties to be of mutual benefit or concern but shall not have the power to add to or modify the Collective Agreement.
Mandate. The Department of Justice (DOJ) derives its mandate primarily from the Administrative Code of 1987 (Executive Order No. 292). It carries out this mandate through the Department Proper and the Department's attached agencies under the direct control and supervision of the Secretary of Justice. Under Executive Order (EO) 292, the DOJ is the government's principal law agency. As such, the DOJ serves as the government's prosecution arm and administers the government's criminal justice system by investigating crimes, prosecuting offenders and overseeing the correctional system. The DOJ, through its offices and constituent/attached agencies, is also the government's legal counsel and representative in litigations and proceedings requiring the services of a lawyer; implements the Philippines' laws on the admission and stay of aliens within its territory; and provides free legal services to indigent and other qualified citizens.
Mandate. 9.2 The College-Union Committee shall not have jurisdiction over salaries or any matter of collective bargaining, including the administration of this Collective Agreement. The College-Union Committee shall not supersede the activities of any other committee of the College or of the Union and does not have the power to bind either the College or the Union or its members to any decisions or conclusions reached in its discussions. This Committee may make recommendations to the College and the Union with respect to its discussions and conclusions.
Mandate. The Account Holder may authorise and assign full responsibility to one person to carry out payment Transactions on their Payment Account, as defined in the mandate. The form is provided online by request and must be completed and sent back to LEMON WAY. The mandate will only take effect once LEMON WAY has received and accepted the duly completed form. The Account Holder will be notified of LEMON WAY's acceptance by any means possible. It stops automatically after the Account Holder's death. This mandate may be revoked on the initiative of the Account Holder, who will inform the authorised representative and LEMON WAY as such by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The termination takes effect on the date that LEMON WAY receives the above- mentioned letter. Until said date, the Account Holder remains responsible for payment Transactions initiated on its behalf by the designated authorised representative. The Account Holder expressly relieves LEMON WAY of professional secrecy with regard to the Payment Account data that may pertain to the authorised representative appointed by the mandate.
Mandate. 13.1 With the signature of this DPA, including Annexes 1, 2 and 3, the Client explicitly mandates Register to carry out on behalf of the Client, the activities described in Art. 5above.
Mandate. 10.1.1 The Parties are committed to ongoing, regular communication regarding the administration of this Agreement, exploration of issues regarding the delivery of curriculum, and other such matters of interest or concern to either Party, and therefore agree to the creation and ongoing operation of a “Joint Committee” to deal with such matters.