to read as follows Sample Clauses

to read as follows. When the limit is overdrawn (“overdraft” – the Customer’s/Cardholder’s use of funds in excess of the limit agreed between the Bank and the Customer/Cardholder), including when the automatic overdraft stipulated herein and/or an unauthorized overdraft occurs, the Bank will notify the Customer/Cardholder thereof via an SMS text. The Bank will not be responsible for the Customer’s/Cardholder’s failure to receive information sent/to be sent by the Bank to the Customer/Cardholder or for any consequence(s) of third party access to the information if information delivery is prevented by the fault of the Customer/Cardholder and/or the Customer/Cardholder has changed his/her contact information/data (mobile number, address, email, etc.) and has not reported it to the Bank.
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to read as follows. 16.29 The insurance shall be deemed terminated/suspended (at the Bank’s discretion) if the insurance premium payable by the client (the insured) is 90 (ninety) days overdue. Despite the aforementioned, the Bank (the beneficiary) is authorized to update the insurance (unilaterally resume the insurance terms) in case the client’s liability before the bank is fully settled. However, the insurance claims for the cases occurring during the overdue period shall not be compensated.
to read as follows. The District agrees to continue paying the cost of medical and prescription card insurance for employees only (and pre-65 retiree members) in the ICSVEBA plan at the Basic plan level. The District shall provide coverage at the Basic plan level (for employee only),or the Mexico only plan(for employee, employee + child(ren), employee + spouse, or employee + family) at no cost to the unit member. For those choosing to purchase Basic coverage for their spouse and/or qualified family members or Comprehensive level coverage, the District will offer an option that covers these costs (at the Basic or Comprehensive level) with a tiered contribution rate from the unit member as follows: Basic Rate Contribution Option 1 (Basic Plan) Emp Only $0.00 0 Emp + Child (ren) $25.00 $300.00 Emp+ Sp $50.00 $600.00 Emp + Family $50.00 $600.00 OR Comprehensive Rate Contribution Option 2 (Comprehensive Plan) Emp Only $50.00 $600.00 Emp + Child (ren) $75.00 $900.00 Emp+ Sp $100.00 $1,200.00 Emp + Family $100.00 $1,200.00 Contribution Option 3 (SIMNSA ONLY Plan) Emp Only $0.00 $0.00 Emp + Child (ren) $0.00 $0.00 Emp+ Sp $0.00 $0.00 Emp + Family $0.00 $0.00 OR MEXICO ONLY Rate The District agrees to pay the cost of dental and optical insurance for employees and dependents as recommended by the Insurance Committee (increases to Vision and Dental plans). The District will pay for the Employee Assistance Plan and a $10,000 life insurance premium as outlined in the ICSVEBA plan. The District agrees to pay for the extension of health insurance coverage for eligible spouses and dependents for an additional 6 months upon the death of a unit member.
to read as follows. “Anytime before the execution of this Agreement or during the validity period hereof, the Client and/or the Parties affiliated therewith:
to read as follows. “Anytime before the execution of this Agreement or during the validity period hereof, the Client, its shareholders, management or the members of its executive/supervisory body, as well as the Client’s beneficial owner(s) and/or the Parties affiliated therewith:
to read as follows. The form attached hereto as Appendix D authorization for deduction of Union dues form on the following page shall be used for authorization of dues deductions.
to read as follows. 8.5 Upon receipt of a termination action under Articles 8.1, 8.2 or 8.3 of the contract, the CONTRACTOR shall (1) promptly discontinue all affected work (unless the notice directs otherwise), and (2) deliver or otherwise make available to the CITY within thirty (30) business days of said termination action all finished or unfinished documents and materials produced or procured under this CONTRACT, including all intellectual property rights thereto, which shall become CITY property upon date of such termination. XXXXXXXXXX agrees to execute any documents necessary for the CITY to perfect, memorialize, or record the CITY'S ownership of rights provided herein within thirty (30) business days of said termination.
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to read as follows. 12.1.1 The Payment Card Service envisages performance of bank transactions by the Client or an individual named in writing by the Client (hereinafter referred to as the „Card Holder“) by using Visa or MasterCard (hereinafter the „Card“) issued by the Bank and protected with the 3D Secure authentication tool.
to read as follows. 31.3.1 The Client hereby confirms that all of his/her instructions for receiving banking information, signing up for a service or making changes to the registered data will be saved in the Bank’s electronic base and will have evidential value (i.e. will be used as evidence) in case of a dispute. Furthermore, any notification/ instruction/ request/ confirmation made by the Client will have a legal force equal to a paper document executed in writing and duly confirmed (signed) by the Client.
to read as follows. 2.7.4 information which relates to potential hazards or cautionary warnings associated with the production, handling or use of the Agent designated in the Research Plan of this CRADA (as defined in Section 2.13 below).
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