Consents Sample Clauses

Consents. Other than (1) the filing of a Form D with respect to the Common Stock as required under Regulation D, (2) such filings required under applicable securities or Blue Sky laws of the states of the United States, and (3) such filings as may be required under any rule or regulation promulgated by any U.S. regulatory authority (all of the foregoing, the "Required Approvals"), the Company and its subsidiaries are not required to obtain any consent, approval, authorization or order of, or make any filing or registration with, any court, governmental agency or any regulatory or self-regulatory agency or any other Person in order for the Company to execute, deliver or perform any of its obligations under or contemplated by the Transaction Documents, in each case, in accordance with the terms hereof or thereof or to consummate the Transactions.

Consents. No consent, approval, authorization or order of any court, governmental agency or body or arbitrator having jurisdiction over the Company, Subsidiaries or any of their Affiliates, any Principal Market (as defined in Section 9(b)), or the Company's stockholders is required for the execution by the Company of the Transaction Documents and compliance and performance by the Company and Subsidiaries of their obligations under the Transaction Documents, including, without limitation, the issuance and sale of the Securities. The Transaction Documents and the Company's performance of its obligations thereunder has been unanimously approved by the Company's board of directors in accordance with the Company's Certificate of Incorporation and applicable law. Any such qualifications and filings will, in the case of qualifications, be effective upon Closing and will, in the case of filings, be made within the time prescribed by law.

Consents. All governmental and other consents that are required to have been obtained by it with respect to this Agreement or any Credit Support Document to which it is a party have been obtained and are in full force and effect and all conditions of any such consents have been complied with; and

Consents. Except as otherwise provided herein, wherever in this Lease the consent of a Party is required to an act by or for the other Party, such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Lessors actual reasonable costs and expenses (including but not limited to architects, attorneys, engineers and other consultants fees) incurred in the consideration of, or response to, a request by Lessee for any Lessor consent, including but not limited to consents to an assignment, a subletting or the presence or use of a Hazardous Substance, shall be paid by Lessee upon receipt of an invoice and supporting documentation therefor. Lessors consent to any act, assignment or subletting shall not constitute an acknowledgment that no Default or Breach by Lessee of this Lease exists, nor shall such consent be deemed a waiver of any then existing Default or Breach, except as may be otherwise specifically stated in writing by Lessor at the time of such consent. The failure to specify herein any particular condition to Lessors consent shall not preclude the imposition by Lessor at the time of consent of such further or other conditions as are then reasonable with reference to the particular matter for which consent is being given. In the event that either Party disagrees with any determination made by the other hereunder and reasonably requests the reasons for such determination, the determining party shall furnish its reasons in writing and in reasonable detail within 10 business days following such request.

Consents. No consent, approval, authorization or order of any court or Governmental Authority is required for the execution, delivery and performance by any Loan Party of, or compliance by any Loan Party with, this Agreement or the other Loan Documents or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby, other than those which have been obtained by the applicable Loan Party.

Consents. No consent of, or registration, declaration or filing with, any Governmental Entity is required by or with respect to the Stockholder in connection with the execution and delivery of this Agreement or the compliance by the Stockholder with the provisions of this Agreement, except for (i) filings with the SEC of such reports under the Exchange Act as may be required in connection with this Agreement, and (ii) such other items and consents the failure of which to be obtained or made, individually or in the aggregate, would not in any material respect impair, delay or adversely affect the Stockholders ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

Consents. No consent, approval, authorization or permit of, or filing with or notification to, any Person is required for or in connection with the execution and delivery of this Agreement by Buyer or for or in connection with the consummation of the transactions and performance of the terms and conditions contemplated hereby by Buyer.

Consents. The Company shall have obtained in a timely fashion any and all consents, permits, approvals, registrations and waivers necessary for consummation of the purchase and sale of the Securities, all of which shall be and remain so long as necessary in full force and effect.

Consents. No approval, consent, waiver or filing of or with any third party, including, but not limited to, any governmental bodies, agencies or instrumentalities, is required for the execution, delivery and performance by the Purchaser of this Agreement or any Ancillary Document to which it is or will be a party other than such approvals, consents, waivers or filings previously obtained or made.

Consents. All material consents, waivers, approvals, authorizations or orders required to be obtained, and all filings required to be made, by the Company and/or the Shareholders for the authorization, execution and delivery of this Agreement and the consummation by them of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, shall have been obtained and made by the Company or the Shareholders, as the case may be, except where the failure to receive such consents, waivers, approvals, authorizations or orders or to make such filings would not have a Material Adverse Effect on the Company or the Acquiror Company.