Timber Sample Clauses

Timber. In order to improve public safety and reduce the risk of damaging critical infrastructure, CDOT will work with USFS/BLM to identify and eliminate hazard trees. Lane closures, road closures, and traffic delays may be necessary but will be minimized to the extent possible. Appropriate resource protection measures will occur to protect wildlife habitat, cultural sites, riparian areas, and other sensitive resources. USFS/BLM will retain the right to any merchantable timber not specifically appropriated. CDOT will notify USFS/BLM of timber within the clearing limits scheduled for removal. USFS/BLM will determine whether a timber sale to an independent contractor or another authorization for removal is appropriate. Any merchantable timber, defined as meeting current utilization standards for saw timber (logs) and wood products other than logs, will be, as determined by USFS/BLM:
Timber. Lessee shall notify Lessor in writing at least forty-five (45) calendar days prior to any removal by Lessee of marketable timber (marketability to be within the discretion of Lessor). At Lessor’s option, Lessor may choose to harvest timber, or Lessor may require an appraisal of the timber by a qualified independent appraiser, at Lessee’s expense, and Lessee shall pay Lessor the appraised value for the timber identified prior to its removal by Lessee.
Timber. The following are all of the locations in the United States of America in which the Company or any Subsidiary possesses any timber to be cut: _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Source: UCC §9-301(3)(B) and Official Comment 5(c) to 9-301.
Timber. Lessee shall have the right, pursuant to applicable law, to manage and use timber upon the property in accordance with law. In addition, in the event Lessee elects to seek patents for the property described on Exhibit A, Lessee shall have the right to manage and harvest the timber situated thereon. In either event Lessee shall account for the value of timber removed and the value shall be treated just as proceeds from the sale of metal is treated and accounted for under this lease.
Timber. The Obligor does not own, or expect to acquire, any property which constitutes, or would constitute, timber. If at any time after the Effective Date, the Obligor owns, acquires or obtains rights to any timber, the Obligor shall furnish the Collateral Agent with prompt written notice thereof (which notice shall describe in reasonable detail the timber and the locations thereof) and shall take all actions as may be deemed reasonably necessary or desirable by the Collateral Agent to perfect the security interest of the Collateral Agent therein.
Timber. That the CONCESSIONAIRE shall not permit or suffer any offensive use of the said premises, or the commission of waste thereon, shall not cut timber or native shrubs except as approved in writing by the said City of Benbrook, Texas and the Real Estate Contracting Officer, shall not conduct mining operations or drill for oil or gas upon the said area, shall not remove sand, gravel, or kindred substances from the ground or shall not in any manner substantially change the contour or condition of the property unless approved in writing by the City of Benbrook, Texas, and the Real Estate Contracting Officer, but the CONCESSIONAIRE may salvage such fallen dead timber as may be required for use of firewood. The CONCESSIONAIRE shall keep the area in good order and in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition, and shall at all times maintain all structures and equipment in a condition satisfactory to the City of Benbrook, Texas, and the Real Estate Contracting Officer. The CONCESSIONAIRE shall be responsible for the removal of all refuse, debris, etc., that may accumulate in the concession area from any cause or for any reason, and shall keep all weeds, grass, and underbrush in the area under proper control by mowing or other approved methods. Such mowing and cleaning of the area will conform to standards of frequency and quality which are established by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Timber. Lessee acknowledges that Lessor owns or controls all of a portion of the timber growing on the Surface Property, and that Lessor’s right to cut and remove the timber in advance of Lessee’s operations is limited by, and subject to, the Title Documents (including, without limitation, the obligation to make payments due thereunder (including, without limitation, the obligations to pay per-acre fees contained in that Deed, dated August 29, 1974, between Island Creek Coal Company and Georgia-Pacific Corporation, to the extent the same is included in the Surface Property)). Lessee shall not cut or remove any timber growing on the Surface Property, except as expressly permitted by the Title Documents.
Timber. In accordance with the Mining Act and under the provisions thereof, Surgold shall have the right to use and process standing, fallen and uprooted timber located within Project Lands that require to be cleared for Development.