Concession Area Sample Clauses

Concession Area area of the Block which superficial projection is delimited by the polygon defined in Annex I or the plots of the area of the Block remaining subject withheld by the Concessionaire after the partial relinquishments provided for herein are made.
Concession Area area of the Block which superficial projection is delimited by the polygon defined in Annex I of this Agreement.
Concession Area. Block whose superficial projection and bounded by the polygon defined in Annex I of this Agreement or the plots of the Block remaining under this Contract after the partial returns contained therein.
Concession Area. The ownership of the Concession Area shall always remain vested with the Grantor. The Concessionaire shall neither assign, transfer, sublet, create any charge or encumbrance, nor shall the Concessionaire create or permit creation of any third party rights whatsoever, on whole or any part of the Concession Area except for licences or other rights of access granted to third parties as contemplated in Article 5.1.1. It is expressly agreed that the Concessionaire’s rights in the Concession Area shall cease without the need for any action to be taken by the Grantor upon Termination.
Concession Area. The CONCESSIONAIRE shall pay to the GOVERNMENT, during each calendar year, a surface rental equal to a lump sum of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars (US$200,000.00) for the first two
Concession Area. 19The territorial scope of the Concession is limited to the Concession Area as at the Effective Date but may be extended to include any modification to or extensions of the Concession Area that may in the future be included by Regulatory Provision on the basis set out in 8.2.2. As from the Effective Date, the Concessionaire shall Supply Water Services to the Developed Areas as provided for in this Contract. The Supply of Water Services to New Areas and Expansion Areas will be undertaken solely and exclusively by the Concessionaire subject to the provisions of this Contract provided that20 - the Supply of Water Services to New Areas and Expansion Areas already incorporated into and provided for in any current Five Year Plan at any relevant time, shall be supplied at the levels of service and as from the dates stated therein (or such other dates as the Concessionaire and the Council may agree upon in writing) and in accordance with the Charges in force at such date;
Concession Area. The City hereby allows Concessionaire, during the Term herein, to maintain, manage, and operate an outdoor seating area in the approximately 2000 square feet of outdoor space adjacent to and east of the Museum (the “Concession Area”), which outdoor space is further delineated in the Site Plan attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibit A. Concessionaire shall be permitted to place up to nine (9) tables, nine (9) umbrellas, and thirty-six (36) chairs (collectively, “Concession Area Furniture”) within the Concession Area. The Concession Area Furniture and Site Plan are subject to approval by the City, including the Planning Department, in its regulatory capacity, and compliance with applicable ADA requirements. No material changes in the proposed Site Plan shall be permitted without the prior written consent of the City Manager or her designee, which consent (if given at all) shall be at the City Manager’s (or his designee’s) sole and reasonable judgment and discretion.
Concession Area. The Concession Area is as shown on the map attached hereto as Appendix A, the coordinates of which are specified in Appendix B.
Concession Area. Identification The Operations shall be conducted exclusively in the Concession Area described and delimited in Annex I.