By the Management Company Sample Clauses

By the Management Company. Without limitation as to the other rights of the AF-CH-HH Group, the Management Company shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the AF-CH-HH Group and its shareholders, directors, officers, partners, members, officers, managers, agents, affiliates, representatives and employees, and the personal representatives, heirs, successors and/or assigns, as applicable, of such persons, against and from all liability, demands, claims, actions or causes of action, assessments, losses, penalties costs, damages or expenses sustained or incurred by any of the foregoing persons as a result of or arising out of or by virtue of any misrepresentation or breach of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement of the Management Company set forth herein.
By the Management Company. This Agreement and the obligations created hereunder may not be assigned by the Management Company, and any such purported assignment shall be null and void ab initio.
By the Management Company. The Management Company represents to the Company as follows:

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  • Management Company LGT Capital Partners (FL) Ltd., Xxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, acts as management company of the UCITS within the meaning of the UCITS Act. The Management Company's offices are located at Xxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and it was incorporated, for an indefinite period of time, on 1 September 1998 as a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) under the laws of Liechtenstein, with a registered office and head office in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Pursuant to chapter III of the UCITS Act, the Management Company has been admitted by the FMA to act in this capacity and entered into the official list of Liechtenstein management companies. The share capital of the Management Company is CHF 1 million and is fully paid up. The Management Company manages the UCITS for the account, and in the exclusive interest, of its Unitholders in accordance with the provisions of the UCITS Documentation. The Management Company complies and shall continue to comply with the applicable provisions of the UCITS Act and the UCITS Ordinance. The Management Company has, to the largest possible extent, any and all rights to perform, in its own name but for the account of the UCITS, any and all administrative and management measures and actions. In particular, the Management Company is entitled to buy, sell, subscribe or exchange securities and other assets and to exercise any and all rights associated, either directly or indirectly, with the assets of the Sub- Funds of the UCITS.

  • Not an Investment Company The Borrower is not an "investment company" within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.

  • Company Not an “Investment Company The Company is not, and will not be, either after receipt of payment for the Offered Shares or after the application of the proceeds therefrom as described under “Use of Proceeds” in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Prospectus or the Prospectus, required to register as an “investment company” under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Investment Company Act”).

  • Investment Company; Public Utility Holding Company Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary is an "investment company" or a company "controlled" by an "investment company" within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, or a "public utility holding company" within the meaning of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as amended.

  • Regulated Investment Company The Company has elected to be treated, and has operated, and intends to continue to operate, its business in such a manner so as to enable the Company to continue to qualify as a regulated investment company under Subchapter M of the Code. The Company intends to direct the investment of the proceeds of the offering of the Securities in such a manner as to comply with the requirements of Subchapter M of the Code.

  • Investment Companies; Regulated Entities None of the Loan Parties or any Subsidiaries of any Loan Party is an “investment company” registered or required to be registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 or under the “control” of an “investment company” as such terms are defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940 and shall not become such an “investment company” or under such “control.” None of the Loan Parties or any Subsidiaries of any Loan Party is subject to any other Federal or state statute or regulation limiting its ability to incur Indebtedness for borrowed money.

  • Holding Company and Investment Company Acts Neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries is a "holding company", or a "subsidiary company" of a "holding company", or an "affiliate" of a "holding company", as such terms are defined in the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935; nor is it an "investment company", or an "affiliated company" or a "principal underwriter" of an "investment company", as such terms are defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940.

  • Investment Management Authority In the event the Manager wishes to render investment management services directly to a Series, then with respect to any such Series, the Manager, subject to the supervision of the Fund's Board of Directors, will provide a continuous investment program for the Series' portfolio and determine the composition of the assets of the Series' portfolio, including determination of the purchase, retention, or sale of the securities, cash, and other investments contained in the portfolio. The Manager will provide investment research and conduct a continuous program of evaluation, investment, sales, and reinvestment of the Series' assets by determining the securities and other investments that shall be purchased, entered into, sold, closed, offered to the public, or exchanged for the Series, when these transactions should be executed, and what portion of the assets of the Series should be held in the various securities and other investments in which it may invest, and the Manager is hereby authorized to execute and perform such services on behalf of the Series. To the extent permitted by the investment policies of the Series, the Manager shall make decisions for the Series as to foreign currency matters and make determinations as to, and execute and perform, foreign currency exchange contracts on behalf of the Series. The Manager will provide the services under this Agreement in accordance with the Series' investment objective or objectives, policies, and restrictions as stated in the Fund's Registration Statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), as amended. Furthermore:

  • Manager 5.1. Rules relating to the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Managers shall be governed by the Act. Such provisions are hereinafter incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Manager shall have the powers set forth in Paragraph 5.3 below.

  • Investment Company Act Compliance The Borrower is not, nor is the Borrower directly or indirectly controlled by or acting on behalf of any Person which is, an "investment company" or an "affiliated person" of an "investment company" within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.