Termination or Sample Clauses

Termination or. An employee whose active employment if terminated by discharge for just cause or voluntary separation or by entering military service shall cease to be eligible for any benefits under this Agreement as of the date of termination, except for the provision that Life Insurance may continue for thirty-one (31) days under the conversion privilege. Return From or Leave of Absence An employee, who had previously been eligible under the Plan, and who returns to active employment from layoff or leave of absence should be eligible for all benefits including dependents on the day of return to work. Retirement at A Retirant whose active employment terminated at age sixty-five (65) shall be eligible for all benefits provided for under Article Section Life Insurance, and Article except under drugs under by the Company paying the applicable premiums provided such Retirant is receiving a Pension under the Pension Plan. This provision will also apply under the Pension Plan. This provision will also apply to the eligible dependent any, of the Retirant. Such coverage will be limited to three (3) months from the effective date of retirement for any employee with less than fifteen (15) years Seniority and twelve (12) months for an employee with fifteen (15) or more years of Seniority.
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Termination or. This Agreement may be terminated by the Fund, or by Custodian, on sixty (60) days' notice, given in writing and sent by certified mail to Custodian at 700 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 00000 or to the Fund at 300 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 00000 as the case may be. The notice to the Custodian shall be given pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of the Fund. Upon termination of the Agreement the Custodian shall deliver to the successor custodian of the Fund designated in a certified copy of a resolution of the board of Directors of the Fund, filed with the Custodian all cash, securities and related instruments held by the Custodian. Any securities registered the name of the Custodian or its nominee shall be endorsed in form for transfer. The Fund agrees to name such successor custodian within sixty (60) days after the written notice of termination of this Agreement is received or delivered by it. This Agreement may not be assigned by Custodian without the consent of the Fund, authorized or approved by a resolution of its Board of Directors. In witness thereof, the parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed and their respective corporate seals to be affixed hereto as of the date first above written by their respective officers thereunto duly authorized. Executed in several counterparts, each of which is an original FIRST WISCONSIN TRUST COMPANY Attest: ________________ By: ______________________ Assistant Secretary Vice President Corporate Seal Attest: __________________ _____________________ Txxxxx X Xxxxxx By: Axxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx Secretary President FIRSTAR TRUST COMPANY To: Txx Xxxxxx From: Jxx Xxxxx Date: December 24, 1997 Re: Nxxxxxxx Fund Fees For Calendar Years 1998 through 2000 TRANSFER AGENT FEES Current 1997 1998 1999 2000 ---- ---- ---- ---- First 20,000 $13.40 $14.00 $14.20 $14.40 Next 40,000 12.65 13.25 13.45 13.65 Next 40,000 12.15 12.75 12.95 13.15 100,000 to 275,000 11.90 12.50 12.70 12.90 Over 275,000 10.00 10.60 10.80 11.00 Money Market Fund 14.40 15.00 15.20 15.40 Closed Accounts Billed @ $6.00 per account CUSTODIAN FEES: MARKET VALUE BASED FEE:
Termination or. Disconnection notice If we still do not receive your payment within the time specified in the default notice, we will send you a second notice by email or in writing indicating our intention to disconnect you if we do not receive payment within a further 5 business days. If your request for a payment plan has been received before the second notice, QEnergy will tell you the result before giving you the second notice. The notice sets out both of our rights and obligations. We will not disconnect before the date specified. We will try to talk with you by telephone (after hours if necessary) to assist you to resolve the issue, for example by helping you access Government relief if you are eligible to do so or offering you a payment plan.

Related to Termination or

  • Voluntary Termination or Reduction The Borrower may at any time terminate, or from time to time reduce, the Commitments of either Class; provided that (i) each reduction of the Commitments of a Class shall be in an amount that is $10,000,000 (or, if less, the entire amount of the Commitments of such Class) or a larger multiple of $5,000,000 in excess thereof and (ii) the Borrower shall not terminate or reduce the Commitments of either Class if, after giving effect to any concurrent prepayment of the Syndicated Loans of such Class in accordance with Section 2.10, the total Revolving Credit Exposures of such Class would exceed the total Commitments of such Class. Any such reduction of the Commitments below the principal amount of the Swingline Loans permitted under Section 2.04(a)(i) and the Letters of Credit permitted under Section 2.05(c)(i) shall result in a dollar-for-dollar reduction of such amounts as applicable.

  • Notice; Effective Date of Termination (a) Termination of Executive’s employment pursuant to this Agreement shall be effective on the earliest of:

  • Voluntary Termination Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, the Employee may effect a Voluntary Termination at any time upon giving thirty (30) days written notice to the Employer of such termination. In the event of a Voluntary Termination, the Employer shall immediately pay all accrued salary, bonus compensation to the extent earned, vested deferred compensation, if any (other than pension plan or profit sharing plan benefits which will be paid in accordance with the applicable plan), any benefits under any plans of Employer or Avocent in which the Employee is a participant to the full extent of the Employee’s rights under such plans, accrued vacation pay and any appropriate business expenses incurred by the Employee in connection with his duties hereunder, all to the date of termination, but no other compensation or reimbursement of any kind, including without limitation, severance compensation.

  • Termination for Cause; Voluntary Termination (a) The Company may terminate the Executive’s employment hereunder at any time for Cause upon written notice to the Executive. The Executive may voluntarily terminate his employment hereunder at any time without Good Reason upon sixty (60) days prior written notice to the Company; provided, however, the Company reserves the right, upon written notice to the Executive, to accept the Executive’s notice of resignation and to accelerate such notice and make the Executive’s resignation effective immediately, or on such other date prior to Executive’s intended last day of work as the Company deems appropriate. It is understood and agreed that the Company’s election to accelerate Executive’s notice of resignation shall not be deemed a termination by the Company without Cause for purposes of Section 4.1 of this Agreement or otherwise or constitute Good Reason (as defined in Section 4.1) for purposes of Section 4.1 of this Agreement or otherwise.

  • Notice of Voluntary Termination or Reduction The Borrower shall notify the Administrative Agent of any election to terminate or reduce the Commitments under paragraph (b) of this Section at least three Business Days prior to the effective date of such termination or reduction, specifying such election and the effective date thereof. Promptly following receipt of any notice, the Administrative Agent shall advise the applicable Lenders of the contents thereof. Each notice delivered by the Borrower pursuant to this Section shall be irrevocable; provided that a notice of termination of the Commitments of a Class delivered by the Borrower may state that such notice is conditioned upon the effectiveness of other credit facilities, in which case such notice may be revoked by the Borrower (by notice to the Administrative Agent on or prior to the specified effective date) if such condition is not satisfied.

  • Termination for Disability If, during the Employment Period, as a result of the Employee’s disability due to physical or mental illness or injury (regardless of whether such illness or injury is job-related), the Employee shall have been absent from the Employee’s duties hereunder on a full-time basis for a period of six consecutive months and, within 30 days after the Company notifies the Employee in writing that it intends to terminate the Employee’s employment (which notice shall not constitute the Notice of Termination contemplated below), the Employee shall not have returned to the performance of the Employee’s duties hereunder on a full-time basis, the Company may terminate the Employee’s employment for purposes of this Agreement pursuant to a Notice of Termination given in accordance with Section 13 hereof. If the Employee’s employment is terminated on account of the Employee’s disability in accordance with this Section, the Employee shall receive Accrued Benefits in accordance with Subsection 9(a) hereof and shall remain eligible for all benefits provided by any long term disability programs of the Company in effect at the time of such termination.

  • Mandatory Termination In the event that a mandatory prepayment in full of the A Advances is required by Section 2.06(b), the Commitments of the Lenders shall immediately terminate.

  • Termination in the Event of Death or Disability This Agreement shall terminate in the event of death or disability of Executive.

  • Notice of Voluntary Termination Promptly upon the filing thereof, copies of any Form 5310, or any successor or equivalent form to Form 5310, filed with the PBGC in connection with the termination of any Plan.

  • Involuntary Termination Involuntary Termination" shall mean (i) without the Employee's express written consent, the significant reduction of the Employee's duties or responsibilities relative to the Employee's duties or responsibilities in effect immediately prior to such reduction; provided, however, that a reduction in duties or responsibilities solely by virtue of the Company being acquired and made part of a larger entity (as, for example, when the Chief Financial Officer of Company remains as such following a Change of Control and is not made the Chief Financial Officer of the acquiring corporation) shall not constitute an "Involuntary Termination"; (ii) without the Employee's express written consent, a substantial reduction, without good business reasons, of the facilities and perquisites (including office space and location) available to the Employee immediately prior to such reduction; (iii) without the Employee's express written consent, a material reduction by the Company in the Base Compensation or Target Incentive of the Employee as in effect immediately prior to such reduction, or the ineligibility of the Employee to continue to participate in any long-term incentive plan of the Company; (iv) a material reduction by the Company in the kind or level of