Television Sample Clauses

Television. The fringe rate for Pension, Health, Holiday Pay, and Vacation Pay (except as provided in Article 8.03, below,) shall be a total of the following percentage points during the following periods:
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Television. 2. Telephone.
Television. News Writers assigned by the Company to write a television network commercial news program or television network commercial documentary program, except programs covered by Paragraph 4 below, shall receive commercial fees for the writing of such program according to the following schedule: Commercial Fee Television Program Length News Programs Documentary Programs 0 - 5 minutes $ 8.00 $ 9.25 Over 5 - 10 minutes 13.75 l6.25 Over 10 - 15 minutes 19.50 24.25 Over l5 - 30 minutes 32.25 43.00 Over 30 - 60 minutes 46.50 57.25 Over 60 minutes 53.25 63.25
Television. You must register the product with serial number to be covered under this plan. Coverage beings 31 days after you have registered your Covered Product. This plan provides on-site service in areas where such service is commercially available. In areas where on-site service is not available, You will be directed to drop off the television at an authorized service center or to ship the television at your expense to a designated depot for repair. INCLUDED: One flat panel television set and components built into the television EXCLUDED: Any component or accessory outside the television; televisions not registered with Us; televisions more than five (5) years old at the time of registration; peripherals, adjunct devices or any devices not built into your television’s housing such as DVDs, DVRs, VHSs, game consoles, and cameras; dismounting of failed product, transporting the product to the ASC and remounting the repaired or replace product;
Television royalty payments shall be paid to the contracted party no later than the end of the month following the month in which the BBC receives the gross receipts if the BBC or an associated or subsidiary company is the distributor. If a third party is the distributor, no later than the end of the month following the month in which the BBC is notified of the exploitation;
Television. “1. With respect to television employment agreements with writers on a term or week-to-week contract basis in effect on May 2, 2014 2017, the terms of this Basic Agreement relating to rights in material shall apply only to literary material written pursuant to assignments made on or after May 2, 2014 2017.
Television. Television Media includes but is not restricted to the following:
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Television. Satellite television services are in a state of constant flux and Travel Menorca is unable to guarantee what English-language channels may be available at any given time in a property which is advertised as having satellite TV. Internet TV (IPTV) is an emerging technology and is subject to fluctuations in reception reliability. Travel Menorca is unable to guarantee what English-language channels may be available at any given time in a property which is advertised as having IPTV. 18 Swimming pools – great care must be taken at all times around the swimming pool. You are recommended never to allow small children or non-swimmers in the pool unless supervised, nor to use the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The client remains responsible at all times for the safety of those using the pool and Travel Menorca cannot accept any liability for any injuries incurred. The pool will be cleaned and serviced twice per week, usually early in the morning. The client must allow the pool cleaners to carry out their duties and the pool must not be used for the duration of his visit, nor if he advises a period of time afterwards because of chemicals that have been added. Sometimes, due to excessive use of the pool, water in the ears can cause an infection, most especially with children. This does not necessarily mean that the chlorine levels are incorrect. The most simple precaution to prevent ear infections is to dry ears well after leaving the pool to clear any trapped water that may become infected. Rules of the pool and communal gardens on apartment complexes must be obeyed at all times.
Television. When the Licensed Trademarks are aired on television, the Logo shall be featured in color as stated in the Print section. Exhibit C PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT This Professional Services Agreement (“Agreement”), is entered into by and between Sonics, Inc, a Delaware corporation with offices at 2000 Xxxx Xx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 (“Sonics”), and Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries (“TI”), a Delaware corporation with offices at 10000 XX Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000, and is effective as of the effective date of the Technology License Agreement between the Parties (“Effective Date”). TI and Sonics may be referred to individually as a “Party” or collectively as the “Parties.”
Television. A. The parties acknowledge and agree that all television rights for games played pursuant to this agreement are subject to television agreements entered into by the respective conferences on behalf of their respective members.
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