Definition of Television Rights

Television Rights means the right to exercise or exploit any of the Pay Television Rights and/or the Free Television Rights and/or Pay-per-View Rights .
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Examples of Television Rights in a sentence

Licensor doesn't grant protection against any broadcasting of the Program in French version Article 3 : Territory Rights granted through the Agreement may in no case be exercised outside boundaries of the Territory defined in Special Terms (<< Territory >>), it being understood that Licensee may in no case, should rights granted be Television Rights, be entitled to any broadcast, other than incidental (overspill), of the Program(s) over other territories.
The above noncompete provision applies even in the event the Television Rights become nonexclusive to the Company pursuant to Schedule 5 of the Business Plan; provided that nothing herein shall prohibit (i) any party from exploiting its Broadband and Mobile Rights as permitted under this Agreement, or (ii) any party from licensing its Television Rights on a non-exclusive basis to any Third Party in the event such Television Rights are no longer exclusively licensed to the Company.
TWCs Theatrical Rights and Free Television Rights in the Bahamas and Bermuda shall be on a non-exclusive basis.
The Television Rights Assets are more fully described in Exhibit B, attached.
Subject to all of the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, Licensor licenses to Licensee, and Licen- see hereby accepts, on an exclusive basis the Free Television Rights for the Pictures in the Territory during the License Period (as hereafter more detailed defined).