Standing Orders Sample Clauses

Standing Orders. 10.1 Each Partner Authority shall ensure that it reflects any required changes in its own constitution and standing orders as may be required to facilitate the use of the Joint Committee.
Standing Orders. Subject to the provisions of this Schedule the Joint Committee may make Standing Orders for the regulation of their proceedings and business and may vary or revoke any such Standing Orders
Standing Orders. The Bank may accept to perform any standing order transactions from the Customer provided that the Customer should have sufficient funds in his/her/ its account to perform such transactions. The Bank shall not be responsible for any delay or error in transmission or for any error on the part of the paying bank or any of its correspondents. The Customer acknowledges that the bank does not bear any liability for such delay or error and undertakes to compensate the Bank for actual losses, damages and expenses incurred due to performing such standing orders.
Standing Orders. New standing orders and changes to existing standing orders for reagent products must be received at least 21 days prior to the scheduled shipment date of such products.
Standing Orders. 10.4.1 Regular payment instructions, once accepted by CCGM, are at all times subject to the availability of cleared funds. If there are insufficient funds available, CCGM may decide at its discretion to receive part-payment on account or to decline payment altogether
Standing Orders. The fisher shall strictly observe any written standing orders in the English language provided to him by his employer and/or the fishing vessel owner. Repeated viola- tion of such standing orders by the fisher, despite warnings, constitutes an urgent reason for the employer to immediately terminate the fisher=s employment.
Standing Orders. Users can create, modify or cancel a standing order via the Services. A Payment Authoriser has up until 8pm on the Business Day before the standing order is due to be debited from the Account to consent to its creation, modification or cancellation. The Payment Authoriser’s consent for creating, modifying or cancelling a Standing Order is given by use of the Requested Code. To create a Standing Order Users will need to input the following details: • The name of the beneficiary selected from your beneficiary list or the sort code and account number of the account to which the funds are to be transferred; • The amount of the payment; • A meaningful reference so that the beneficiary can identify you; • The frequency of the payment (i.e. weekly, monthly etc.); and • The start date for the payment to commence.
Standing Orders. The Contractor must allow Authorized Users to set up Standing Orders for specific bulk motor fuel types and volumes on regular delivery schedules during normal business hours. The Contractor also must provide Authorized Users with the capability to set up automatic delivery based on information transmitted via Veeder-Root, SMARTank, or other similar tank monitoring technology. The Contractor shall monitor tank inventory via these means and provide automatic delivery of bulk motor fuel products at predetermined inventory levels as defined by the Authorized User. This service shall be provided free of cost if the following conditions are met:
Standing Orders. 15.1.1 All relevant Financial Regulations and Standing Orders shall be complied with by F&M and the School in the provision of the Services.
Standing Orders. 3.1 Responsibilities for the Chairs of CPP Groups The Board is chaired by the Leader of Aberdeenshire Council as the lead organisation for community planning. However, the Board has the right to vote to change the chair in the future if it wishes. The Executive is chaired by a nominated officer of Aberdeenshire Council as the lead organisation for community planning. However, the Executive has the right to vote to change the chair in the future if it wishes. Local Community Planning Groups may elect to change the Chair of their groups. Any chair within the partnership will: • convene and chair meetingsguide and draw discussion to a conclusion, agreeing actions where appropriateensure appropriate representation is provided from partners • ensure the roles of groups and individuals in the partnership are fulfilled