Standing Orders Sample Clauses

Standing Orders. 8.1. In case of a standing order, the Client instructs the Bank to deduct funds from one or several its accounts at the specified dates and transfer them for the purpose of the services under clause 2 of this Agreement to the Bank indicated by the Client in a relevant application.
Standing Orders. The Bank may accept to perform any standing order transactions from the Customer provided that the Customer should have sufficient funds in his/her/ its account to perform such transactions. The Bank shall not be responsible for any delay or error in transmission or for any error on the part of the paying bank or any of its correspondents. The Customer acknowledges that the bank does not bear any liability for such delay or error and undertakes to compensate the Bank for actual losses, damages and expenses incurred due to performing such standing orders.
Standing Orders. New standing orders and changes to existing standing orders for reagent products must be received at least 21 days prior to the scheduled shipment date of such products.
Standing Orders. 10.1 Each Partner Authority shall ensure that it reflects any required changes in its own constitution and standing orders as may be required to facilitate the use of the Joint Committee.
Standing Orders. Subject to the provisions of this Schedule the Joint Committee may make Standing Orders for the regulation of their proceedings and business and may vary or revoke any such Standing Orders
Standing Orders. When you place a Standing Order, we will use best efforts to fill the Order at the price quoted. You acknowledge and agree, however, that the execution price may differ from the quoted price, and that in the event that we cannot fill your Order at the price quoted, we will fill your Order at the next best available price. With regard to Standing Orders, no Contract is formed and binding until confirmed by us pursuant to Section 4.3. You agree that all Standing Orders are good until cancelled by you, unless otherwise specified by us in writing, and may otherwise be filled at any time.
Standing Orders. Bank will only accept Standing Orders which are communicated to Bank in writing in accordance with the Standing Orders Security Procedures described in Part IV of Appendix A.
Standing Orders. The Contractor must allow Authorized Users to set up Standing Orders for specific bulk motor fuel types and volumes on regular delivery schedules during normal business hours. The Contractor also must provide Authorized Users with the capability to set up automatic delivery based on information transmitted via Xxxxxx-Xxxx, SMARTank, or other similar tank monitoring technology. The Contractor shall monitor tank inventory via these means and provide automatic delivery of bulk motor fuel products at predetermined inventory levels as defined by the Authorized User. This service shall be provided free of cost if the following conditions are met:
Standing Orders. The Joint Committee shall apply the standing orders of the Administering Authority.
Standing Orders. The Subsidiary Company shall deliver to the Parent its Standing Orders or any policies or objectives as soon as they are made or varied.