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Specific Activities. Please give detailed information about the specific activities of the Project promoter and the Partner(s), with budget allocations
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Specific Activities. DocuSign Envelope ID: 83C6FBAE-B5ED-4506-A1E4-4EB58B9E00F0 (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) America's VetDogs provides the puppies to BRCRF from their own breeding program. These puppies are with us for 12−14 months while being trained as a Service Dogs by the inmate Canine Handler. Training includes all basic obedience as well as tasks such as Open the Refrigerator, Nightmare Interruption, Get Help, Help with Dressing/Undressing, etc. etc. The Inmate Canine Handlers are under the direct supervision of the Canine Program Director. Inmate Canine Handlers attend training classes 2−3 times a week (200 hours in class instruction) and have assigned training tasks outside of class weekly. Inmate Canine Handlers are responsible for the puppies care 24/7 Monday through Friday. On the weekends Volunteer Weekend Puppy Raisers (WPR's) take the puppies into their homes and are responsible for reinforcing obedience commands, house manner and intense socialization in public and community areas. WPR's are essential to the success of this program, Service Dogs must be acclimated to every environment a Veteran may go. The Canine Program Director is responsible for interviewing, checking backgrounds and conducting an in home evaluation for every WPR. WPR's are required to follow strict guidelines when working with a future Servcie Dog. WPR's commit to 60 weekends, approximately 2,880 hours per dog. WPR's attend two Obedience Training Classes (prior to receiving a dog), Receive an Instruction Manual and attend Monthly Training Meetings. Additionally if WPR's have behaviorial/obedience issues the Canine Program Director works them on a one−on−one basis to ensure the dog overcomes these issues. Upon completion of the training at BRCRF (12− 14 months) adult dogs are transported to America's VetDogs in Smithtown, NY. At America's VetDogs the adult dogs receive 3 additional months of client specific training (bracing, emergency pull cord, etc.). After completion of client specific training the adult dogs are paired with a Veteran and both attend an intensive 10 day training program. Attachments - B - BRCRF Service Dog Brochure
Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) School of barbering shall certify that a student has 650 hours of training in restricted barbering skills, services and correlating trade techniques along with 550 hours of classroom instruction and lab studies: Florida Laws and Rules 200 hours, Safety Sanitation and Sterilization 400 hours, Hair Structure and Chemistry 75 hours, Haircutting 300 hours, Shampooing 100 hours, Shaving Xxxxx & Mustache Trimming 125 hours.
Specific Activities. Specific activities to achieve the objectives of this Memorandum of Understanding for the key sectors and initiatives identified in Section II may include:
Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) The architectural drafting program is designed to prepare student for employment or advanced training in the drafting industry.
Specific Activities. Attached hereto and made a part of this agreement between the County of Essex and certain municipalities are exhibits which set forth the specific activities for each and every municipality participating in the program. In particular each of these exhibits describe:
Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) This program will last for 1200 hours and require an inmate to have an 8th grade reading score and a 9th grade math score on the TABE test. The course will include class and supervised hands on demonstrations. They will receive coursework that will enable them to have a basic understanding of veterinary care and be able to practice these skills on live animals. Once released the skills acquired during the program, coupled with their ability to communicate effectively in an animal science environment will make them prime candidates in the veterinary care job market.
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Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) This instructor will be moved from class to class and dorm to dorm providing specialized academic instruction. This service will be provided daily during our AM and PM sessions. Activities may include, but are not limited to: Conducting guided groups Developing prior knowledge with trade books and textbooks Reading aloud Providing vocabulary enrichment activities Providing writing workshop assistance Providing assistance on classroom projects and/or reports Any other duties as assigned.
Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.) In order to obtain the rigid standard for safety and training purposes, the CDL Vocational Class adheres to the Florida Department of Education curriculum framework for commercial vehicle driving. In addition to supplemental research material, the class utilizes the following primary book sources • Florida Drivers Handbook (2015) • Florida Commercial Drivers Handbook (2015‐2016)
Specific Activities. (Include information about service delivery and timelines.)
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