Southern Sample Clauses

Southern. Each of the Owners agrees that it will negotiate in good faith with Toshiba regarding, and to minimize any adverse effects on the Owners or the construction, maintenance or operation of the Summer Facility (whether such facility is completed under the EPC Agreement or otherwise) of, any agreement or arrangements Toshiba or any of its Affiliates may enter into or contemplate entering into with Southern or any successors or assigns thereof; provided, however, that in no event will any of the Owners be required, by reason of this Section 5.2, to release, amend, waive, or otherwise modify any of their rights under this Agreement or any other agreement.
Southern. Digital shall have access for repair and maintenance purposes, to any sub-loop for which it has access to the High Frequency Spectrum. If Southern Digital is using a BellSouth owned splitter, Southern Digital may access the sub- loop at the point where the data signal exits. If Southern Digital provides its own splitter, it may test from the collocation space or the Termination Point.
Southern. Telecom shall use BellSouth’s LSOD to order splitters from BellSouth and to activate and deactivate DS0 Collocation Connecting Facility Assignments (CFA) for use with High Frequency Spectrum.
Southern. Oregon University shall contribute to the Public Employee Retirement System consistent with the provisions of ORS 238 and 238A, et. seq, or the Optional Retirement Plan consistent with the provisions of ORS 243.815, et. seq.
Southern. Telecom may access a total capacity of two (2) DS3s per End User location at the Network Element rates set forth in Exhibit A.
Southern. Capital and the Trust hereby authorize Bankers Trust to act as Exchange Agent in connection with the Exchange Offer and Bankers Trust agrees to act as Exchange Agent in connection with the Exchange Offer. As Exchange Agent, Bankers Trust will perform those services as are outlined herein, including accepting tenders of Original Capital Securities, and communicating generally regarding the Exchange Offer with brokers, dealers, commercial banks, trust companies and other persons, including Holders of the Original Capital Securities.
Southern. Energy redeems its 1 share of redeemable preferred stock held by Southern in exchange for the shares of Holdco Southern Energy owns.
Southern. Oregon University shall continue to offer comparable benefits for medical, dental and basic life insurance to those offered to other University employees. For the duration of this Agreement, the University will make a contribution sufficient to cover ninety-five percent (95%) of the premium costs for fully paid medical, dental, and basic life insurance benefits. The employee will contribute five percent (5%) of the premium costs (“pre-tax”). For these plan years, where an employee has the opportunity to choose between two (2) healthcare plans and the employee enrolls in the least expensive plan available to them, the University will contribute ninety-seven percent (97%) of the premium costs of the coverage and the employee will contribute three percent (3%) of the premium costs (“pre-tax”). Eligibility to extend such tiered coverage to family members, to include spouse and/or dependent children, is provided in accordance with the plan..
Southern. Capital and the Trust acknowledge and agree that Bankers Trust has been retained pursuant to this Agreement to act solely as Exchange Agent in connection with the Exchange Offer and, in such capacity, Bankers Trust shall perform such duties in good faith as are outlined herein.
Southern. Digital may at its option purchase, install and maintain central office POTS splitters in its collocation arrangements. Southern Digital may use such splitters for access to its customers and to provide digital line subscriber services to its customers using the High Frequency Spectrum. Existing Collocation rules and procedures and the terms and conditions relating to Collocation set forth in Attachment 4 shall apply.