Bankers Trust definition

Bankers Trust has the meaning specified in the recital of parties to this Agreement.
Bankers Trust acts as Custodian of the assets of the Trust and the PortfolioO"
Bankers Trust has the meaning assigned to that term in the introduction to this Agreement.

Examples of Bankers Trust in a sentence

  • The name by which the said corporation shall be known is Bankers Trust Company.

  • Pursuant to Section 8005 of the Banking Law, attached hereto as Exhibit A is a certificate issued by the State of New York, Banking Department listing all of the amendments to the Organization Certificate of Bankers Trust Company since its organization that have been filed in the Office of the Superintendent of Banks.

  • The organization certificate as heretofore amended is hereby amended to change the name of Bankers Trust Company to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to be effective on April 15, 2002.

  • EXHIBIT 6 - Consent of Bankers Trust Company required by Section 321(b) of the Act.

  • Byrne, Jr. and Lea Lahtinen, being respectively a Managing Director and Secretary and a Vice President and an Assistant Secretary of Bankers Trust Company, do hereby certify: 1.

More Definitions of Bankers Trust

Bankers Trust means Bankers Trust Company, a New York banking corporation currently located at Four Albany Street, New York, New York 10006.
Bankers Trust means Bankers Trust Company of California, N.A. (n/k/a Bankers Trust, part of Deutsche Bank Group), and any affiliates, successors, assigns, or beneficiaries thereof.
Bankers Trust is defined in the preamble.
Bankers Trust means Bankers Trust Company, an Iowa banking corporation.