SFC Sample Clauses

SFC. 36 months as SSG.
SFC. At closing SFC shall:
SFC. 6 years.
SFC. CLI-94-12, 40 NRC at 76 (quoting Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S. 555, 561 (1992)).
SFC. Subsequent amendments to this Amended and Restated Investment Contract shall be effected in the same matter unless the R.O.C. SFC provides to the contrary.
SFC. Fully Operational Declaration Stand-by Petroleum Act S. 1503 (1)(2) Steel Stretch-out Bill Student Loans (1)-(3) Sugar Import Quota Supplemental Appropriations Tennessee Gas Trans. Timber Bailout Transition Team Reports Industry Input to Transition Team International Conference on Nuclear Power Barnwell Trip TVA Financing Issue Urgent Supplemental Appropriations Vandewater, John Veterans Administration Voting Rights Act Wallace, Walter (Nomination) Harry Walters Veterans' Administration WPPSS [Washington Public Power Supply System] (1)(2) Murray Weidenbaum Nomination Williamson, Rich (Nomination) Wilderness Legislation Wischer, Irene (Nomination) 9-Digit Zip Code OA 10315 Adkinson, Keith (1)(2) AWACS Bates, Rose John Behan Nomination Cabinet Council Barrier Islands Michael Cardenas Confirmation Clark, William John Crowell Nomination George Douglas Agriculture / 1981 Farm Bill (1)-(3) Anne Gorsuch Nomination James Harris Nomination – Department of Interior Ruckelhaus, William – EPA Administration (1)(2) Civil Rights Commission S.509 Dairy Price Support (1)(2) Grain Embargo Meeting – 02/17/1982 ANGTS [Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System] (1)(2) DOE Reorganization (1)(2) Interior Appropriations (1)(2) Department of State, Foreign Assistance Department of Treasury, Olympic Medal EPA / Superfund Executive Order 1983 Farm Issues (1)-(3) Maine Potato Issue FEMA 1982 Long Term Grain Agreement (1)(2) Donald Hodel (nomination) IEA Extension 1983 (1)-(3) Intelligence Identities S.391 S.563 Intl. Energy Program Antitrust Extension L Reactor Problem Mexican Immigration Policy (Laxalt) (1)(2) Ed Noble Confirmation [CPAC Speech – Out Card]
SFC should be corrected to the value corresponding to the ISO standard reference conditions using the standard lower calorific value of the fuel oil, referring to ISO 15550:2002 and ISO 3046-1:2002. For the confirmation of the SFC, a copy of the approved NOX Technical File and documented summary of the correction calculations should be submitted to the verifier.