SFC Sample Clauses

SFC. 12.9 The Manager shall:
SFC. 10.5 Cash shall be deposited with the Custodian or such other banks meeting the requirements set forth in the 1940 Act, or be invested in money market instruments.
SFC. The definition of "SFC" in Section 1.39 of the Deposit Agreement is, as of the Effective Date, deleted in its entirety and in its stead the following is inserted:
SFC. (a) The SFC was established by section 3 of the repealed Securities and Futures Commission Ordinance and continues in existence under section 3 of the SFO. The SFC’s regulatory objectives set out in section 4 of the SFO include maintaining and promoting the fairness, efficiency, competitiveness, transparency and orderliness of the securities and futures industry 2 and reducing systemic risks in the securities and futures industry. In furtherance of its regulatory objectives, section 5(1)(b)(i) of the SFO sets out the functions of the SFC which include to supervise, monitor and regulate the activities carried on by recognized clearing houses.
SFC. For so long as this Agreement shall remain in effect, SFC shall permit HRB or its agents full access, during normal business hours and upon reasonable notice, to the properties of SFC and its Subsidiaries and shall disclose and make available (together with the right to copy) to HRB and to its internal auditors, loan review officers, attorneys, accountants and other representatives, all books, papers and records relating to the assets, stock, properties, operations, obligations and liabilities of SFC and its Subsidiaries, including all books of account (including the general ledger), tax records, minute books of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, organizational documents, bylaws, contracts and agreements, filings with any regulatory agency, examination reports, correspondence with regulatory or taxing authorities, documents relating to assets, titles, abstracts, appraisals, consultant’s reports, plans affecting employees, securities transfer records and stockholder lists, and any other assets, business activities or prospects in which HRB may have a reasonable interest, and SFC shall use its best efforts to provide HRB and its representatives access to the work papers of SFC’s accountants. SFC shall not be required to provide access to or to disclose information where such access or disclosure would violate or prejudice the rights of any customer, would contravene any law, rule, regulation, order or judgment, would violate any fiduciary obligations or duties of the officers or directors of SFC or would violate any confidentiality agreement; provided that SFC shall cooperate with HRB in seeking to obtain Consents from appropriate parties under whose rights or authority access is otherwise restricted. The foregoing rights granted to HRB shall not, whether or not and regardless of the extent to which the same are exercised, affect the representations and warranties made in this Agreement by SFC.
SFC. At closing SFC shall:
SFC. This Working Group focuses its activity on the architecture, protocols and metadata to provide Service Function Chaining (SFC)15 capabilities in the network. One relevant result of the WG is the creation of the Network Service Header (NSH). The focus of the activity in INSPIRE-5Gplus has been to support the re-chartering of the WG to expand the possibilities and bring results from some enablers such as OPoT and other related management protocols. I2NSF The standardisation of several interfaces for security network functions is the objective of the WG Interface to Network Security Function (I2NSF). In this period, it has been able to consolidate the draft related to the YANG Data Model for IPsec Flow Protection into the publication of the RFC 9061 (xxxxx://xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx.xxx/doc/rfc9061/), thanks to the support of the proof-of-concept executed in the project with I2NSF IPsec enabler as part of Demo1. Additionally, the consortium has supported the re-chartering of the WG in order to consolidate the attestation mechanisms developed by some enablers.
SFC. Subsequent amendments to this Amended and Restated Investment Contract shall be effected in the same matter unless the R.O.C. SFC provides to the contrary.
SFC. The City of Glasgow and the wider region has pockets of real deprivation, and we are proud of the role we play in offering higher education opportunities to learners from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. In order to most effectively deliver to our widening access agenda, we will continue to promote a partnership approach with schools, colleges and stakeholders in our local communities. In the Regional Coherence agreement we signed with the SFC in 2011‐12, we agreed that we would work to maintain the proportion of our students from the MD20% group at over 20% of our intake over the coming years. The activities and initiatives outlined in the following sections set out the actions we will take in 2012‐13 to maintain the proportion of students from MD20% and MD40% entering the University.

Related to SFC

  • Parent A parent, legal guardian or person in parental relation to the Student.

  • Merger Sub At the Effective Time, each share of common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of Merger Sub issued and outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time shall be converted into one share of common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of the Surviving Corporation.

  • Buyer Buyer, , will take title to the Property 17 described below as Joint Tenants Tenants In Common Other .

  • Seller For each Mortgage Loan, the seller of such Mortgage Loan pursuant to the Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement.

  • The Seller Subsection 14.01 Additional Indemnification by the Seller; Third Party Claims........................................... Subsection 14.02 Merger or Consolidation of the Seller..................