Test Well definition

Test Well means a well constructed for the purpose of obtaining information needed to design a well prior to its construction. Test wells are cased and can be converted to observation or monitoring wells and under certain circumstances to production wells
Test Well means an Exploration Well drilled for the purpose of carrying out different well tests to assess the CBM production potential of the coal or lignite seams. The well tests in such a well shall include but not be limited to injection or fall off tests, stress test, dewatering test for production testing or any other test as required for estimation of CBM and water production rates.
Test Well means a well, core hole, core test, observation well, or other well drilled from the surface to determine the presence of a mineral, mineral resource, ore, or rock unit, or to obtain geological or geophysical information or other subsurface data related to mineral exploration and extraction. Test well does not include holes drilled in the operation of a quarry, open pit, or underground mine, or any wells not related to mineral exploration or extraction.

Examples of Test Well in a sentence

  • Any such substitute well drilled hereunder shall, upon its commencement, thereafter be deemed the Test Well.

  • If the well is successfully completed for the production of petroleum substances, the non-participating Party shall assign to the completing Party all of its right, title and interest in and to the zone(s) so completed in the Test Well spacing unit.

  • Ridgewood agrees to bear a disproportionate share of drilling costs associated with the Test Well (defined in Article 4 hereinbelow) in order to earn an interest in the Contract Area, pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • This Agreement shall terminate as to each Prospect Area upon (i) the mutual agreement of the Parties; (ii) failure to commence actual drilling operations on a Test Well for such Prospect Area within the time period specified in this Agreement; (iii) failure to commence the drilling of a Substitute Well for such Prospect Area within the time period specified in this Agreement; or (iv) the bankruptcy or insolvency of Ridgewood.

  • Each Test Well shall be drilled to the total depth listed in the Authority for Expenditure (“AFE”) for such Test Well, or a depth sufficient to test the stratigraphic equivalent of the formation listed in AFE for such Test Well, whichever is lesser (“Objective Depth”).

More Definitions of Test Well

Test Well means a well that is installed to:
Test Well means the first well (including any substitute therefore) drilled on the Lease pursuant to and during the Term of this Agreement.
Test Well means a well that is drilled on a site that has not been approved for use as a production well in accordance with the provisions of part 8 of these rules.
Test Well means a temporary well installed to determine the lithology and water transmission properties of an aquifer or geologic materials and that may be used to determine water quality.
Test Well means the first well drilled under the Head Agreement as provided for in clause 4 entitled TEST WELL of the Head Agreement;
Test Well means a Well drilled and completed for the purpose of determining aquifer characteristics through water production during a short period of time. A Test Well can be subsequently permitted as a production well or a monitor well if an appropriate permit is granted following submission of an application.
Test Well means a well that is used to obtain information on groundwater quantity, quality, aquifer characteristics and availability of production water supply for manufacturing, commercial and industrial facilities.