Transmission Planning Sample Clauses

Transmission Planning. The review and comment process for Transmission Planning shall be done according to the schedule included herewith at Attachment __. Staff and contractors employed by WAPA who are responsible for Transmission Planning for WAPA and DSW will work collaboratively with Parties to determine the need for Capital Improvements and Capital RRADs to meet the long-term transmission needs of Firm Electric Service customers, network service customers, generators, and other DSW transmission stakeholders. At the Parties’ request, such efforts shall include up to two additional meetings to those required in WAPA’s OATT. Any and all Materials created or relied upon by WAPA’s CPC or/and transmission planners shall be made available to the Parties and other Customers in a timely fashion, as provided in Exhibit A and Attachment B hereto. The Parties will not approve any TYP or Capital Replacements unless and until they have been provided said Materials. WAPA shall produce, on an annual basis, a Transmission Plan, and provide Parties with an opportunity to review and provide feedback on, the Transmission Plan. By March 15 of each year, Parties will supply WAPA with a ten-year projection of their network loads and resources as specified in Attachment P of WAPA’s OATT, so that WAPA can accurately model the transmission system and conduct the technical studies that are needed to determine the need for Capital Improvements and Capital RRADs. Parties will notify WAPA of material changes in load and resource forecasts (including demand response resources) or other aspects of their facilities or operations which may directly or indirectly affect WAPA’s ability to provide transmission service. WAPA will meet informally with Parties in June of each year to review the Transmission Plan and give Parties an opportunity to ask questions and request additional information. A draft of the Transmission Plan will be presented to Parties at least two weeks prior to the informal June meeting. Within 30 days after the informal meeting in June, Parties shall have the opportunity to provide written comments to WAPA on the contents of the Transmission Plan including suggestions to study different technical alternatives. Within 60 days following the receipt of Parties’ comments, WAPA shall finalize and provide a copy of the Transmission Plan to the Parties. The process outlined herein is intended to supplement WAPA’s regional planning process as may be guided by FERC Order No. 1000 as defined in Atta...
Transmission Planning. The process utilized by WAPA in performing studies of the reliability of the Desert Southwest Region Systems over a ten-year study horizon which is provided in regional models to Regional Planning Organizations to be included in regional models. Unobligated Balances. Unobligated Balances are the resulting annual net of Customer Prepayments, Customer revenues and Congressional funding, less Capital Improvements, RRADs (Capital and Non-Capital), O&M and HQ Expense executed in the fiscal year. Unobligated Balances shall include all amounts retained by WAPA at the end of a fiscal year which at the conclusion of the Fiscal Year which are not committed for use in a future year. Unobligated Balances are the difference between the Desert Southwest Region System’s total annual revenue sources less the total of annual expenses. Unobligated Balances currently include DSW’s Approved Projects in the TYP for future years. WAPA HQ shall ensure that funds are not returned to the United States Treasury, and are reserved for use in connection with Approved Projects in the TYP. WestConnect. The regional organization established to comply with FERC Order No. 1000 that identifies and facilitates regional transmission planning.
Transmission Planning. 9 ---------------------
Transmission Planning. BOEM is continuing a planned approach to siting submarine electrical transmission cables on the OCS and is evaluating options, including the use of cable corridors, regional transmission systems, meshed systems, and other mechanisms. Therefore, BOEM may condition COP approval on the incorporation of such methods where appropriate. XXXX encourages those who obtain a lease(s) from this sale to engage in early coordination with adjacent lessees, states, Tribal Nations, and other ocean users to identify ways to minimize impacts from transmission. In addition, BOEM has modified the lease stipulations concerning lessee communication with Tribal Nations and parties to explicitly require the lessee to seek input and discussion surrounding transmission easements prior to proposing such easements.
Transmission Planning a. Cannot conflict with WAPA’s OATT (or applicable OATT)
Transmission Planning. Applicable NERC standard and WECC criteria: TPL-001-4; WECC Regional Criteria TPL-001-WECC-CRT-2.1 MWD or its TP will participate in the CAISO TPP. MWD or its TP will submit to the CAISO the information about the MWD system that the CAISO requires to undertake its TPP. The CAISO will undertake its TPP in accordance with its Tariff and BPMs.