Regional Coordination Sample Clauses

Regional Coordination. The carrying out of a program by CSRP to: (i) facilitate the harmonization of fisheries policy among the Participating Countries; (ii) monitor and evaluate Program investments and share information and results throughout the Participating Countries; (iii) implement ongoing communication activities to raise awareness about the Program and implementation progress; and (iv) provide implementation support to each of the Participating Countries, including the coordination of regional procurement. SCHEDULE 2
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Regional Coordination. The WECC will act as a coordinating entity for the entire Western Interconnection for activities of regional organizations with responsibilities for reliability and market functions.
Regional Coordination. It is hereby agreed that at minimal, Tulsa Regional Safe Streets for All Program will provide the participants to this MOU with:
Regional Coordination. Parties shall meet at least once every two years, or more frequently as-needed, through the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Reduced Fare Permit Task Force which shall periodically review this agreement to discuss any necessary amendment, responsibilities among the parties, and other matters pertaining to regional implementation of the Regional Reduced Fare Permit.
Regional Coordination. (a) The Recipient shall maintain, at all times during the implementation of the Project, a Coordination Unit, with terms of reference, composition and resources at all times satisfactory to the World Bank, which shall, inter alia, include the following:
Regional Coordination. In making awards under subsection (a), the Secretary shall give preference to eligible en- tities that submit applications that, in the de- termination of the Secretary—
Regional Coordination. The Contractor shall:
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Related to Regional Coordination

  • General Coordination 5.1.1 Contractor’s Pre-Construction Phase Services team shall attend Project Team meetings with Owner, Owner representatives, and A/E at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the Pre-Construction Phase. Frequent Project Team meetings are anticipated prior to Owner acceptance of the GMP and during completion of the Construction Documents.

  • Donor Coordination Throughout the multi-year development of the Compact, MCC and the Government have engaged in an inclusive process that included consultations with the United States Government, Nepali communities and key private sector actors, non-government actors, and other donors as well as multilateral organizations. In particular, MCC worked closely with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in reviewing and agreeing on various power sector reforms required in Nepal for future programming by the two banks. MCC also consulted frequently with the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (“DFID”) during its preparation of a political economy analysis of power sector reform.

  • Project Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality and consistency of deliverables and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Care Coordination The Parties’ subcontract shall require that the Enrollee’s CP Care Coordinator provide ongoing care coordination support to the Enrollee in coordination with the Enrollee’s PCP and other providers as set forth in Section 2.6.

  • Operation and Coordination The ISO shall direct the operation of, and coordinate the maintenance scheduling of, certain facilities of the NYS Power System, including coordination with control centers maintained by the Transmission Owners in accordance with the Reliability Rules, as follows:

  • Utility Coordination Identify all potential utility conflicts and provide preliminary office check plans showing the problem locations, posted to the City’s FTP site. Plans will clearly identify specific utility company facilities by color and by name (i.e. not just “gas” or “fiber optic”). ENGINEER shall include a conflict list for each utility, also posted to the FTP site. ENGINEER shall meet with utility company representatives to review plans and utility verification forms (Attachment No. 3 to Exhibit “A”) at each milestone date and as directed by the CITY and as determined necessary by the ENGINEER. This in- formation will be compiled into a summary report (Attachment No. 4 to Exhibit “A” also available on the City’s FTP site) maintained and updated by ENGINEER as necessary to present a cohesive and reflective status of utilities, and provided to the City as necessary. ENGINEER shall maintain involvement with utility companies until all conflicts have been resolved (not just identified). When appropriate, the City Engineer will approve the identification on plans of conflicts to be resolved during construction. ENGINEER shall meet with involved utility company/ies and project contractor to resolve any conflicts with utilities that occur during construction.

  • Cooperation and Coordination The Parties acknowledge and agree that it is their mutual objective and intent to minimize, to the extent feasible and legal, taxes payable with respect to their collaborative efforts under this Agreement and that they shall use all commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate and coordinate with each other to achieve such objective.

  • Project Management and Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality of and consistency of work and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Program Coordinator An individual designated by the program director to assist the program director in managing Match activities.

  • Project Coordinator 3. Within 14 days of the effective date of this Consent Agreement, DTSC and Respondent shall each designate a Project Coordinator and shall notify each other in writing of the Project Coordinator selected. Each Project Coordinator shall be responsible for overseeing the implementation of this Consent Agreement and for designating a person to act in his/her absence. All communications between Respondent and DTSC, and all documents, report approvals, and other correspondence concerning the activities performed pursuant to this Consent Agreement shall be directed through the Project Coordinators. Each party may change its Project Coordinator with at least seven days prior written notice. WORK TO BE PERFORMED

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