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Protected person. Protected person" means an individual for whom a conservator has been appointed. "Protected person" includes an individual for whom an application for the appointment of a conservator is pending and an individual for whom a guardian has been appointed, when no conservator has been appointed. [PL 2019, c. 417, Pt. A, §107 (NEW).]
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Protected person. Name: Relationship to the children in this case (check one): Mother Father Your lawyer in this case (if you have one): Name: State Bar No.: Firm Name: Address (If you have a lawyer for this case, give your lawyer’s information. If you do not have a lawyer and want to keep your home address private, give a different mailing address instead. You do not have to give your telephone, fax, or e-mail.): + Address: Clerk stamps date here when form is filed. Fill in court name and street address: Superior Court of California, County of City: State: Telephone: E-Mail Address: 2 Restrained Person: Name: Fax: Zip: Court fills in case number when form is filed. Case Number: Relationship to the children in this case (check one): Address: City: Mother Father State: Zip: + No Other Parentage Case Agreement of Parentage

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  • Protected Information 5.3.1 In this Section "

  • Protected Health Information “Protected Health Information” shall have the same meaning as the term “protected health information” in Section 160.103 and is limited to the information created or received by Contractor from or on behalf of County.

  • Business Information All Business Information shall be owned jointly by the Members as their Ownership Interests are determined pursuant to this Agreement. Both before and after the termination of the Company, all Business Information may be used by either Member for any purpose, whether or not competitive with the Business, without consulting with, or obligation to, the other Member. Except as provided in Sections 13.3 and 13.4, or with the prior written consent of the other Member, each Member shall keep confidential and not disclose to any third party or the public any portion of the Business Information that constitutes Confidential Information.

  • Confidential Business Information CARB may have based this penalty in part on confidential business information provided by Xxxxx or confidential settlement communications.

  • Confidential Information The Executive shall hold in a fiduciary capacity for the benefit of the Company all secret or confidential information, knowledge or data relating to the Company or any of its affiliated companies, and their respective businesses, which shall have been obtained by the Executive during the Executive's employment by the Company or any of its affiliated companies and which shall not be or become public knowledge (other than by acts by the Executive or representatives of the Executive in violation of this Agreement). After termination of the Executive's employment with the Company, the Executive shall not, without the prior written consent of the Company or as may otherwise be required by law or legal process, communicate or divulge any such information, knowledge or data to anyone other than the Company and those designated by it. In no event shall an asserted violation of the provisions of this Section 10 constitute a basis for deferring or withholding any amounts otherwise payable to the Executive under this Agreement.

  • Confidential Information Breach This shall mean, generally, an instance where an unauthorized person or entity accesses Confidential Information in any manner, including but not limited to the following occurrences: (1) any Confidential Information that is not encrypted or protected is misplaced, lost, stolen or in any way compromised; (2)one or more third parties have had access to or taken control or possession of any Confidential Information that is not encrypted or protected without prior written authorization from the State; (3) the unauthorized acquisition of encrypted or protected Confidential Information together with the confidential process or key that is capable of compromising the integrity of the Confidential Information; or (4) if there is a substantial risk of identity theft or fraud to the Client Agency, the Contractor, DAS or State.

  • Disposition of Confidential Information Upon termination of Agreement or request of City, Contractor shall within forty-eight (48) hours return all Confidential Information which includes all original media. Once Contractor has received written confirmation from City that Confidential Information has been successfully transferred to City, Contractor shall within ten (10) business days purge all Confidential Information from its servers, any hosted environment Contractor has used in performance of this Agreement, work stations that were used to process the data or for production of the data, and any other work files stored by Contractor in whatever medium. Contractor shall provide City with written certification that such purge occurred within five (5) business days of the purge.

  • Transaction Information The Adviser shall furnish to the Trust such information concerning portfolio transactions as may be necessary to enable the Trust or its designated agent to perform such compliance testing on the Funds and the Adviser’s services as the Trust may, in its sole discretion, determine to be appropriate. The provision of such information by the Adviser to the Trust or its designated agent in no way relieves the Adviser of its own responsibilities under this Agreement.

  • Return or Destruction of Confidential Information If an Interconnection Party provides any Confidential Information to another Interconnection Party in the course of an audit or inspection, the providing Interconnection Party may request the other party to return or destroy such Confidential Information after the termination of the audit period and the resolution of all matters relating to that audit. Each Interconnection Party shall make Reasonable Efforts to comply with any such requests for return or destruction within ten days of receiving the request and shall certify in writing to the other Interconnection Party that it has complied with such request.

  • Protection of Confidential Information The Servicer shall keep confidential and shall not divulge to any party, without the Seller’s prior written consent, any nonpublic information pertaining to the Mortgage Loans or any borrower thereunder, except to the extent that it is appropriate for the Servicer to do so in working with legal counsel, auditors, taxing authorities or other governmental agencies or it is otherwise in accordance with Accepted Servicing Practices.

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