Procedure for Swingline Borrowing Sample Clauses

Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. (a) The Swingline Lender agrees to make Swingline Loans to the Company from time to time in accordance with the treasury and cash management services and products provided to the Company by the Swingline Lender (the “Cash Management Swingline Loans”). For other Swingline Loans, the Company, on behalf of the Borrowers, shall give the Administrative Agent a Notice of Borrowing with respect to each Swingline Loan prior to 10:00 a.m. (Eastern time) on the requested date of each Swingline Borrowing. Each Notice of Borrowing under this Section shall be irrevocable and shall specify: (i) the principal amount of such Swingline Loan, (ii) the date of such Swingline Loan (which shall be a Business Day), (iii) the Type of such Swingline Loan and (iv) the account of the Company to which the proceeds of such Swingline Loan should be credited. The Administrative Agent will promptly advise the Swingline Lender of each such request and the details thereof. Each Cash Management Swingline Loan shall be made initially as an Index Rate Loan, and each other Swingline Loan shall be made as a Base Rate Loan or an Index Rate Loan. The Swingline Lender will make the proceeds of each Swingline Loan available to the Borrowers in Dollars in immediately available funds at the account specified by the Company in the applicable request not later than 1:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on the requested date of such Swingline Loan. The Administrative Agent will notify the Lenders on a quarterly basis if any Swingline Loans occurred during such quarter.
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. (a) Each Borrowing of Swingline Loans shall be made upon the Company's irrevocable written notice to the Agent as described in Section 10.02 in the form of a Notice of Borrowing prior to 12:00 noon (New York City time) (i) one Business Day prior to the requested Borrowing Date, in the case of a Borrowing comprised of Adjusted CD Rate Swingline Loans, (ii) three Business Days prior to the requested Borrowing Date, in the case of a Borrowing comprised of LIBOR Swingline Loans, and (iii) on the requested Borrowing Date, in the case of a Borrowing comprised of a Base Rate Swingline Loans, specifying: (i) the amount of such Borrowing, which shall be an amount not less than the Minimum Tranche; (ii) the requested Borrowing Date, which shall be a Business Day, and (iii) the duration of the Interest Period applicable to such Borrowing, which shall not be more than 10 days. Upon receipt of the Notice of Borrowing, the Agent will promptly provide the Swingline Banks with a copy thereof.
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. (i) Subject to the other terms hereof, Borrowers may request a Swingline Loan on any Business Day prior to the Swingline Subfacility Expiration Date by delivering to the Agent Standard Notice in the form described in Section 2.01(d) hereof. All requests for a Swingline Loan must be received by Agent prior to 2:00 P.M. (Philadelphia time) on the requested date of the Loan, and the Agent will make the funds so received immediately available to the Borrowers at such Office.
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. Refunding of Swingline Loans; Reallocation of Swingline Commitment and Euro Swingline Commitment 41 2.6. L/C Commitment 45 2.7. Procedure for Issuance of Letters of Credit 47 2.8. L/C Participation 48 2.8A. Repayment of Participations 51 2.9. Reimbursement Obligation of the Borrowers 51 2.10. Obligations Absolute 52 2.11. Letter of Credit Payments 53 2.12. Applications; Applicability of ISP and UCP; Limitation of Liability 53 2.13. Certain Reporting Requirements 53 2.13A. Role of Issuing Leader 54 2.14. Fees and Other Charges, etc 54 2.15 Optional Termination or Reduction of Commitments; Increase of Commitments 56 2.16 Optional Prepayments 57 2.17 Mandatory Prepayments 58 2.18. Conversion and Continuation Options 59 2.19. Limitations on Eurocurrency Tranches 60 2.20. Interest Rates and Payment Dates 60 2.21 Computation of Interest and Fees 61 2.22 Inability to Determine Interest Rate 61 2.23 Pro Rata Treatment and Payments 62 2.24 Requirements of Law 64 2.25 Taxes 67 2.26. Indemnity 73 2.27. Change of Lending Office 73 2.28. Replacement of Lenders 74 2.29. Judgment Currency 74 2.30. Foreign Currency Exchange Rate 75 2.31. Certain Borrowings of Dollar Revolving Loans and Refunding of Multicurrency Loans 75 2.32. Evidence of Debt 76 2.33. Addition of Foreign Borrowers; Termination of Foreign Borrowers 76 2.34. Guarantee by Company of Foreign Obligations 78 2.35. Limitation of Certain Obligations of Foreign Borrowers 81 2.36. Cash Collateral 81 2.37. Defaulting Lenders 83 2.38. LIBOR Successor Rate 86 2.39. Minimum Interest 86 2.40. Lender Status Confirmation 87 SECTION 3 REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES 87 3.1. Financial Condition 87 3.2. No Change 88 3.3. Existence; Compliance with Law 88 3.4. Power; Authorization; Enforceable Obligations 88 3.5. No Legal Bar 89 3.6. Litigation 89 3.7. No Default 89 3.8. Ownership of Property, Liens 89 3.9. Intellectual Property 89 3.10. Taxes 89 3.11. Federal Regulations 90 3.12. ERISA 90 3.13. Investment Company Act; Other Regulations 91 3.14. Use of Proceeds 91 3.15. Environmental Matters 91 3.16. Accuracy of Information, etc 92 3.17. Solvency 92 3.18. Insurance 92 3.19. Subsidiaries 92 3.20. OFAC 93 3.21. Anti-Corruption Laws 93 3.22. EEA Financial Institution 93 3.23. Beneficial Ownership Certification 93 3.24. Compliance with Swiss Non-Bank Rules 93 SECTION 4 CONDITIONS PRECEDENT 93 4.1. Conditions to Initial Extension of Credit 93 4.2. Conditions to Each Extension of Credit 95 SECTION 5 AFFIRMATIVE COVENANTS 95 5.1. Fi...
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. () Subject to the other terms hereof, Borrower may request a Swingline Loan on any Business Day during the Contract Period by delivering to the officer designated by Agent such request and back-up documentation as Agent may from time to time require. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Agent may make the proceeds of each Swingline Loan available to Borrower by crediting or transferring, as the case may be, such proceeds to Borrower's operating account with Agent. Each request for a Swingline Loan shall be conclusively presumed to be made by a Person authorized by Borrower to do so. However, Agent may require that specified officers of Borrower sign, make or confirm any such request.
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. Refunding of Swingline Loans 3541
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. REFUNDING OF SWINGLINE LOANS ---------------------------------------------------------------
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. 19 2.06 Increase and Extension of Commitments.....................21 2.07 Ratable Reduction or Termination of Commitment............23 2.08 Non-Ratable Reduction or Termination of Commitments.......23 2.09
Procedure for Swingline Borrowing. Refunding of Swingline Loans. 56 2.8 Commitment Fees, etc. 58 2.9 Termination or Reduction of Revolving Commitments and Tranche A Term Commitments. 59