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Potential Impacts. As with all change, there are potential positive and negative impacts on the local communities, school districts, and the students. It is evident that the benefits of CTEA’s educational program far outweigh the costs (See Appendix AC).
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Potential Impacts. GreenEcoNet leaded to a number of impacts with respect to green economy analysis, planning and policy and decision-making. Regarding green economy research and knowledge exchange the following specific impacts were achieved: ● Recognition of the benefits of green economy by the business community, including efficiency gains, competitiveness enhancement and job creation. ● Improved communication and transfer of knowledge to policy making, business and to the general public. ● Reinforced dialogue at international level. ● Regarding green economy planning and policy and decision making, GreenEcoNet in general aimed at supporting the implementation of EU strategic initiatives, such as Flagship Initiatives on the Innovation Union, the EC Communication on a 'Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe', as well as the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development. This was conducted by developing, during the second and the third years of the project an Annual Work Plan, which was closely linked with the EU policy agenda and which took into account various policies, processes and initiatives at the EU level. Taking key "hot topics" related to these initiatives into the GreenEcoNet debate, the project managed to support and implement these initiatives in the context of a structured exchange between different stakeholders and by highlighting best practices. This did not only contribute to achieving EU policy goals, but also fostering a green economy in Europe and abroad. The impacts described above, need to be understood within the context of the final results of the project that described below:: ● GreenEcoNet has built an extensive portfolio of over 83 green solutions, which demonstrate innovative green products, services or business models implemented and/or provided by SMEs. ● More than 3,748 users were created, ● Being originally an EU-oriented web platform, a majority of solutions presented on GreenEcoNet focus on European SMEs. The platform is not limited to EU-based case studies and recently also SMEs from, for example, India posted their innovative solutions on the platform. ● Searching for specific GreenEcoNet solutions is facilitated by an easy navigation which enables filtering of case studies by: country, solution type, technology area, and social benefit and SME sector. ● By reaching out to several existing offline business networks, GreenEcoNet established a wider cross-sectoral and interregional network of green SMEs and SME associations, which strengthens mut...
Potential Impacts. Identification of the potential environmental and social impacts that could be associated with the existing operations and the Project, including those of an indirect and cumulative nature. Impacts which are unlikely to arise or be insignificant should be recorded, together with the rationale for why they are considered to be unlikely or insignificant. Potential impacts must be considered at the following levels:  Local impacts  National impacts  Regional/Global impacts 5 | Characterisation of Impacts and Opportunities Identification and characterisation of positive and negative environmental and social impacts in terms of magnitude, significance, reversibility, extent and duration. The possibility for cumulative impacts is to be considered. Quantitative data must be employed to the greatest extent possible. The chapter should also identify opportunities for environmental and social enhancement and identify key uncertainties and data gaps. Both the existing operations and the following Project stages must be considered in this evaluation where appropriate:  Construction phaseOperation and maintenance  Closure and decommissioning  Residual environmental and social impacts
Potential Impacts.  Mortality caused by drought;  Stress, lack of reproduction and recruitment and mortality caused by shifting rainfall patterns; and  Habitat degradation
Potential Impacts. Task 2.3 will investigate how sensitive the vulnerable resources identified in Task 2.2 are to the climate change drivers identified in Task 2.1. This part of the assessment will evaluate how changing conditions will impact the resources at risk in terms of specific characteristics of the resource, magnitude of the impact, its persistence or growth over time, and the degree it disrupts the normal functioning of the community or resources. In this process we will also account for the inherent uncertainty of models and predictions of expected change, and seek to prepare robust scenarios to strengthen the willingness to make decisions despite a lack of all the desired information.
Potential Impacts. 9.2.1 Analysis of the assessment provided results generally consistent with those of more detailed studies carried out previously. No cases of hazardous concentrations of released LPG were discovered which could present concern for ignition at the R9 alignment. It was found that flash fire effects would not reach R9.
Potential Impacts. Table 12 provides an overview of WSDOT lane-miles sorted by pavement type. Table 12: Lane-miles of each pavement type by AADT AADT BST HMA Flexible (BST+HMA) All Pavement Types (BST+HMA+PCC) 2000-4000 819 1,645 2,464 2,486 4000-6000 190 1,423 1,613 1,631 6000-8000 8 840 848 934 8000-10000 1 567 568 660 10000-20000 4 2,094 2,098 2,572 20000-40000 0 1,610 1,610 2,029 40000-80000 0 1,032 1,032 1,360 80000-160000 0 436 436 640 >=160000 0 132 132 360 Total 4,179 11,613 15,792 17,665 Note:
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Potential Impacts. As discussed in Section 6.4.1 and Table 1, there appears to be minimal potential for SAR to occur within the study area. Regardless the following mitigation measures should be employed should SAR be encountered during construction on the subject property. Mitigation Mitigation measures for protection of SAR are required, and should include the following: • The construction contractor should be familiar with the SAR noted in this report. If SAR are identified during construction, all works in the immediate area should cease and the MNRF, Peterborough District Office must be contacted for direction on how to proceed. • Harassment to SAR should not occur during construction activities.
Potential Impacts. During the life of the license, there may be drought conditions that reduce the flow of water from the USACE Xxxx X. Xxxx hydroelectric project into Lake Xxxxxx. These conditions have the potential to affect the operation of FERC project 2009 in a number of ways including but not limited to:
Potential Impacts. As a reference, the table below provides an estimate of the EEN initiative’s impacts on final energy, primary energy, and CO2 emissions. As mentioned above, it is a purely voluntary agreement (carrot without stick), so a CCA-like policy could potentially lead to even more energy savings and emission reductions in Germany67.
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