Plant Site Sample Clauses

Plant Site. As defined in Section 3.2(c). Processing Effective Date. The date on which the Processing Plant has been constructed and made operational and is capable of operating at the design capacity and Design Recoveries specified in Section 3.2(a).
Plant Site. An area of land comprising the main portion of SONGS as described in a sixty (60) year easement granted for such purpose by the United States to Edison and San Diego on May 12, 1964, and recorded in Series 5, Book 1964, Page 85887 of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of San Diego County, as amended by the Amendment to Grant of Easement recorded on July 6, 1977, in Book 1977, Page No. 77-268984 of Official Records in the office of the County Recorder of said County. Pursuant to an Assignment Agreement among the Parties dated November 16, 1983, and the San Onofre Units 2 and 3 Participation Agreement, Edison assigned undivided interests in said easement to Anaheim and Riverside. On December 29, 2006, Anaheim assigned and Edison assumed all of Anaheim’s right, title and interest in and to the undivided interests in said easement pursuant to the Settlement Agreement. Such land area, consisting of approximately 83.63 acres in the northwest corner of the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, is shown in Exhibit A, page A-1.
Plant Site. As defined in Section 3.2(c).
Plant Site. The Plant is located on the tract of land owned by Amerada Hess Corporation and leased to the Owners under the Lease Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit "E" and as further described on the plat attached hereto as Exhibit "F". IV.
Plant Site. The site at which the Processing Plant will be constructed, located in Section 35 of T151N R98W, McKenzie County, North Dakota.
Plant Site. The site at which the Processing Plant is located or will be constructed (as applicable) in Section 35 of T151N R98W, McKenzie County, North Dakota, or elsewhere in McKenzie County, North Dakota, or such other location mutually acceptable to the Parties.

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Project Site The location at which the improvements which are the subject of the Work are to be or are being constructed. May also be referred to as “Site.”
The Site The site shall comprise the real estate described in Schedule-A and in respect of which the Right of Way shall be provided and granted by the Authority to the Concessionaire as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement (the "Site"). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that references to the Site shall be construed as references to the real estate required for the Bus Terminal as set forth in Schedule-A and includes Commercial Complex.
Project The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions. Without limitation upon the provisions of Section 3.01 of this Agreement, and except as the Recipient and the Association shall otherwise agree, the Recipient shall ensure that the Project is carried out in accordance with the provisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.
Plant A maximum of 27.5 MW net operating capacity Geothermal facility operated by Producer, as owner or lessee, including all associated equipment and improvements necessary for generating electric energy and transmitting it to the high voltage side of the power transformer.
PROPERTY, PLANT AND EQUIPMENT The Company's historical capital expenditures are listed in the table below: 2002 2003 2004 Total -------- -------- -------- -------- (in $000) Fixed Asset Expenditures Plant -- -- 4,586.7 4,586.7 Equipment 739.6 3,662.5 10,126.3 14,528.5 Office facility 66.5 23.5 214.1 304.1 Vehicles 67.9 274.1 143.4 485.3 Total Fixed Asset Expenditures 874.0 3,960.1 15,070.6 19,904.6 Construction Expenditures -- 556.2 17,056.1 17,612.4 Depreciation expense consisted of $.265 million in 2002, $.379 million in 2003 and $1.711 million in 2004 and is included in cost of goods sold on the income statement. LIQUIDITY AND CAPITAL RESOURCES The Company's holdings in cash and cash equivalents amounted to $11.52 million at September 30, 2004, an increase of $10.03 million compared to the end of 2003. Accounts receivable balances increased $13.33 million to $20.29 million, reflecting the strong increase in revenues. Inventory levels at the end of fiscal 2004 were $30.30 million, an increase of $22.24 million, which was somewhat higher than the revenue growth rate. There is some seasonality to the business, which the Company believes is the reason for the inventory growth in 2004. May through August is the slower period for Li-ion battery industry sales in China, while September through March are the peak selling months. During the slower May through August period in 2004 the Company built its inventory in anticipation of the peak selling period.
PREMISES, BUILDING, PROJECT, AND COMMON AREAS 1.1 Premises, Building, Project and Common Areas.
THE PROPERTY The Landlord agrees to lease the described property below to the Tenant: (enter the property information)
Underground Storage Tanks To its knowledge, the Premises do not contain, and have never contained, any underground storage tanks. With respect to any underground storage tank that is listed in the Merchants Disclosure Statement as an exception to the foregoing, each such underground storage tank presently or previously located on Premises is or has been maintained or removed, as applicable, in compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws, and has not been the source of any release of a Hazardous Substance to the environment that has not been fully remediated.
Common Area The term "Common Area" shall mean all areas and facilities within the Project that are not designated by Landlord for the exclusive use of Tenant or any other lessee or other occupant of the Project, including the parking areas, access and perimeter roads, pedestrian sidewalks, landscaped areas, trash enclosures, recreation areas and the like.
Common Areas Tenant shall have the non-exclusive right to use in common with other tenants in the Project, and subject to the Rules and Regulations referred to in Article 5 of this Lease, those portions of the Project which are provided, from time to time, for use in common by Landlord, Tenant and any other tenants of the Project (such areas, together with such other portions of the Project designated by Landlord, in its discretion, including certain areas designated for the exclusive use of certain tenants, or to be shared by Landlord and certain tenants, are collectively referred to herein as the “Common Areas”). The Common Areas shall consist of the “Project Common Areas” and the “Building Common Areas.” The term “Project Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portion of the Project designated as such by Landlord or areas within the Project that the occupants of the Building are permitted to utilize pursuant to a recorded declaration and which areas shall be maintained in accordance with the declaration. The term “Building Common Areas,” as used in this Lease, shall mean the portions of the Common Areas located within the Building reasonably designated as such by Landlord. The manner in which the Common Areas are maintained and operated shall be at the reasonable discretion of Landlord and the use thereof shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations as Landlord may make from time to time. Landlord reserves the right to close temporarily, make alterations or additions to, or change the location of elements of the Project and the Common Areas, provided that, in connection therewith, Landlord shall perform such closures, alterations, additions or changes in a commercially reasonable manner and, in connection therewith, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize any material interference with Tenant’s use of and access to the Premises.