Official Records definition

Official Records means the filing office of the circuit court or other depository in the jurisdiction where a Property is located, established under such jurisdiction’s laws, as of the Closing Date, for the purpose of imparting constructive knowledge of matters relating to real property.

Examples of Official Records in a sentence

  • See also UNITED NATIONS, Unification of the Law of International Trade Note by the Secretariat Official Records of the General Assembly 20th Session, (1968), Doc.

  • PARCEL 2 (Lower Harbor, Dredge Area and Harbor Facility) All those lands, underlying those parcels in Santa Cruz Harbor which were granted to the Santa Cruz Port District Pursuant to Chapter 1129, Statutes 1969, from the State of California as described in Grant Deed, recorded May 21, 1974 in Book 2412 at Page 273 in Official Records of said County.

  • TOGETHER WITH sovereign land within the Right-of-Way of the Southern Pacific Company lying adjacent to that parcel as described in Certificate of Acceptance, recorded April 11, 1962 in Book 1464 at Page 146 in Official Records of said County.

  • PARCELS 2 & 3 – BUOYS Two circular parcels of land, being 50 feet in diameter, underlying two existing buoys (one to be removed) lying adjacent to that parcel described in Grant Deed recorded November 3, 2020, as Document Number 2020-0125832-00 in Official Records of said County.

More Definitions of Official Records

Official Records shall have the meaning specified in the recitals to the Facility Site Lease.
Official Records means all records that are possessed by any public office or agency that relate to a criminal case, including, but not limited to: the notation to the case in the criminal docket; all subpoenas issued in the case; all papers and documents filed by the defendant or the prosecutor in the case; all records of all testimony and evidence presented in all proceedings in the case; all court files, papers, documents, folders, entries, affidavits, or writs that pertain to the case; all computer, microfilm, microfiche, or microdot records, indices, or references to the case; all index references to the case; all fingerprints and photographs; all DNA specimens, DNA records, and DNA profiles; all records and investigative reports pertaining to the case that are possessed by any law enforcement officer or agency, except that any records or reports that are the specific investigatory work product of a law enforcement officer or agency are not and shall not be considered to be official records when they are in the possession of that officer or agency; and all investigative records and reports other than those possessed by a law enforcement officer or agency pertaining to the case. "Official records" does not include records or reports
Official Records means the Official Records of the Office of the County Recorder for San Diego County, California.
Official Records means the official records of the appropriate Land Office to which the land transfer is reported and duly recorded.
Official Records means all written or printed books, papers, letters, documents, maps and tapes,