Talent Sample Clauses

Talent. Participant shall possess and perform a talent. This talent may be in the form of singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, dramatic reading or recitation, or other approved talent. Participant understands that if her talent performance exceeds 90 seconds, she shall be automatically disqualified from receiving any points in the Talent category.
Talent. The Consultant will perform consulting services related to his areas of expertise and regarding the areas of service he has provided to the Company over the past 30 years.
Talent. Where you engage talent to feature in the Contract Materials, you acknowledge and agree you have obtained:
Talent. (a) Supplier may retain on its own behalf, and not as agent for JPMC, a business affairs company that is a signatory to applicable union, guild or other collective bargaining agreements, including any applicable agreements with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (collectively, the “Union Agreements”), to act as a talent payment service in connection with any advertising materials that JPMC chooses to produce pursuant to any Union Agreement. If Supplier is a signatory to certain Union Agreements with the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, then Supplier may, with the prior written consent of JPMC pay talent directly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Union Contracts to which it is a party. Supplier represents and warrants to JPMC, to the same extent it receives representations and warranties from the business affairs company when such company is used, that it will comply with all obligations imposed on signatories to such agreements. JPMC acknowledges and agrees that the use of any advertising materials produced pursuant to any Union Agreement shall be subject to obligations pursuant to the applicable Union Agreements, including payment obligations. If JPMC consults Supplier about its obligations in a particular instance pursuant to any applicable Union Agreement, Supplier shall advise JPMC of its obligations based on Supplier’s and the business affairs company’s interpretation of any applicable Union Agreement. JPMC shall be responsible for all payment obligations arising out of any applicable Union Agreements; provided, however, that Supplier shall be responsible for any late fees or penalties under any applicable Union Agreement that are imposed due to the fault of Supplier or the business affairs company.
Talent. The Company will continue the present practice regarding the payment of on-air talent fees.
Talent. Xxxxxxx confirms that the following persons will be hired as musicians or talent in connection with the Award: _.
Talent. To the extent required in an Order, Quad will execute production in a professional manner and hire talent, performers, singers, and musicians (collectively, “Talent”). Subject to full payment by Client, Quad will pay this Talent. Client acknowledges that Quad is not a signatory to any union collective bargaining agreement, and that the hiring of Talent and the payment of compensation and benefits to such talent will not be subject to union obligations.
Talent. CWC recruits and “onboards” Licensee’s founding board members with education about, and the board members endorse, the mission, vision and theory of action of the CWC Network. • CWC will assess regional landscape for talent pipelines and build relationships as needed with potential talent networks.
Talent. You represent, warrant and covenant that (i) you own, or have a valid license to use, all content (including any music or other recordings) contained in each episode of the Content submitted to Barstool, (ii) you have valid agreements in writing with all contributors to the Content which assign all of their rights either to you or directly to Barstool, (iii) the exercise by Barstool of the rights granted herein will not violate or infringe the rights of any third party or any applicable laws or regulations; (iv) there are no third party agreements or arrangements preventing you from entering into this Agreement nor from granting Barstool the rights herein; and (v) you will abide by your obligations under Section 1 of these Standard Terms.
Talent. The Subgrantee agrees to include the following provisions in all talent agreements: (i) a prohibition against the applicable talent from performing services for, or granting rights in his/her/their name, likeness, voice or other identifying characteristics to a third party for use in any advertisements for sugary drinks, “junk” food, alcohol and/or tobacco for a period of two years from the commencement of such talent agreement (or the campaign launch); and (ii) a buyout of all media throughout the world