Payment and Obligation to engage Envative, Inc Sample Clauses

Payment and Obligation to engage Envative, Inc. Client shall pay Contractor monthly the agreed compensation rate commencing on October 1, 2012. At the time of payment, Client shall provide Contractor with the financial and accounting records, or summary thereof, showing the Gross Revenues and Adjusted Gross Receipts on which Contractor's payment is based. At Contractor's request, Client shall provide Contractor access to Client's financial and accounting records, including the right to inspect and/or demand copies of such records, for the purposes of determining Gross Revenues and Adjusted Gross Receipts and the compensation earned by Contractor, upon reasonable notice not more than once annually. Contractor hereby agrees, as a material inducement to Client to enter into this Agreement, that Client must conclude a technical services independent contractor agreement with Envative, Inc (“Envative”) who shall be directly engaged by Client to provide all of the technical services to AF as more fully described in the Independent Contractor Agreement by and between Client and Envative and attached hereto as Exhibit “A” to this Agreement and made a part thereof.

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  • Expenses and Obligations Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Lease, all costs and expenses incurred by the Parties in connection with this Lease and the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby shall be borne solely and entirely by the Party which has incurred such expenses.

  • Termination of Rights and Obligations A party's rights and obligations under this Easement terminate upon transfer of the party's interest in the Easement or Property, except that liability for acts or omissions occurring prior to transfer shall survive transfer.

  • Party B’s Rights and Obligations 9.1 Party B is entitled to request Party A to repay the principal, interest accrued thereon and expenses when due, to manage and control the payment of loan amounts, to monitor on a real-time basis overall cash flows of Party A and to accelerate the maturity of the loan considering the status of collection of sale proceeds of Party A. Party B may exercise any other rights hereunder and demand Party A to perform any other obligations hereunder.

  • Rights and Obligations of Party A 7.1 Party A has the right to require Party B to keep in confidence relevant financial information and trade secrets relating to production and operation of Party A unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

  • Rights and Obligations of Party B 1. Party B is entitled to have access to information about the production, operation, and financial activities of Party A, and to require Party A to provide financial information and documents in respect to its production and operation.

  • Continuing Rights and Obligations After the satisfaction and discharge of this Indenture, this Indenture will continue for (i) rights of registration of transfer and exchange, (ii) replacement of mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Notes, (iii) the rights of the Noteholders to receive payments of principal of and interest on the Notes, (iv) the obligations of the Indenture Trustee and any Note Paying Agent under Section 3.3, (v) the rights, obligations and immunities of the Indenture Trustee under this Indenture and (vi) the rights of the Secured Parties as beneficiaries of this Indenture in the property deposited with the Indenture Trustee payable to them for a period of two years after the satisfaction and discharge.

  • Termination of Conditions and Obligations The conditions precedent imposed by Section 5 or this Section 7 upon the transferability of the Shares shall cease and terminate as to any particular number of the Shares when such Shares shall have been effectively registered under the Securities Act and sold or otherwise disposed of in accordance with the intended method of disposition set forth in the Registration Statement covering such Shares or at such time as an opinion of counsel satisfactory to the Company shall have been rendered to the effect that such conditions are not necessary in order to comply with the Securities Act.

  • Party A’s Rights and Obligations 4.1 甲方应不晚于扣款日向/在其结算账户转账/存入等于(或不少于)存款资金的款项,并在起息日前的所有时间均确保并维持结算账户中有该等数额的款项。若因非乙方过错的任何原因,包括但不限于由于甲方的债权债务纠纷或任何原因导致结算账户被司法机关采取查封、冻结或支取等强制措施,甲方未能在起息日前的所有时间确保并维持结算账户中的存款资金数额的,本协议应立即解除并失效,但不影响甲方应承担的违约责任并向乙方赔偿全部损失的义务。 No later than the Trade Date, Party A shall transfer/deposit money equal to (or not less than) the full Deposit Amount to/in the Settlement Account and shall ensure that such amount of fund in the Settlement Account shall be held and maintained at all time until the Effective Date. Failure by Party A to do the same due to whatever reason other than Party B’s fault, including without limitation, the Deposit Amount being frozen, seized or taken, in whole or in part, with enforcement measures by judicial authority arising from its credits, debts dispute and/or whatsoever reason, shall cause this Agreement to be immediately and automatically ceased and this Agreement will be no longer to be in force and effect, and in such case, it shall be deemed that Party A breaches the terms of this Agreement and therefore shall be liable for all losses and damages suffered by Party B arising therefrom.

  • Rights and Obligations of Both Parties 7.1 Party A shall have the following rights and obligations: § to draw down and use the Loan according to this Contract; § if Party A repays the Loan before maturity date, it shall obtain prior written consent from Party B and shall compensate Party B against the losses for expected income and relevant expenses; § to bear all expenses incurred under this Contract; § it shall notify Party B at least 30 days in advance of any activities that would have a negative impact upon Party B’s ability to realize its rights such as joint operation, merger, restructuring, sale of material asset, etc. and obtain Party B’s written consent, otherwise, Party A is not allowed to carry out the afore mentioned activity before repayment of the Loan; § to notify Party B of any changes like location, contact address, business scope, legal representative and other commercial register items within 7 days after these changes; § it shall notify Party B immediately the occurrence of any event that will affect its normal operation or solvency under this contract, such as (but not restrain to) severe economic dispute, bankruptcy, financial deterioration etc; § In case of it winding up, dissolution, suspension of operation, revoke of business license, Party A should notify Party B of such events within 5 days after their occurrence and undertake to repay the principal and interest immediately. § Others as agreed.

  • Assignment of Rights and Obligations (a) Without Owners’ prior written consent, Managing Agent shall not sell, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of or mortgage, hypothecate or otherwise encumber or permit or suffer any encumbrance of all or any part of its rights and obligations hereunder, and any transfer, encumbrance or other disposition of an interest herein made or attempted in violation of this paragraph shall be void and ineffective, and shall not be binding upon Owners. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Managing Agent may assign its rights and delegate its obligations under this Agreement to any subsidiary of Parent so long as such subsidiary is then and remains Controlled by Parent.