Means of Payment Sample Clauses

Means of Payment. The Administrator may, in its sole discretion, permit the Optionee to satisfy, in whole or in part, any withholding tax obligation which may arise in connection with the Option by any of the following means or by a combination of such means: (i) tendering a cash payment, (ii) authorizing the Corporation to deduct any such tax obligations from any payment of any kind otherwise due to the Optionee, (iii) authorizing the Corporation to withhold shares of Common Stock otherwise issuable to the Optionee pursuant to the exercise of this Option, or (iv) delivering to the Corporation unencumbered shares of Common Stock already owned by the Optionee.
Means of Payment. 1. The PURCHASER shall pay to the COUNTY the sum of $_ _ as Net Sale Value. Twenty Five (25%) percent of this amount [$ _] shall be paid upon the date the contract is signed by COUNTY.
Means of Payment. 11.1 Payment must be by debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted.
Means of Payment. The Client may carry out credit transfer transactions or domicile draw-down notices or request the issuance of bank identity details (RIB or BIC/IBAN). The Bank may only be in a position to process a credit transfer order if the Client prov ides it with the following information: the IBAN number of the account to be debited, the amount of the credit transfer, the IBAN number of the account to be credited or any other unique identifier required by the pay ee’s country, the pay ee’s name (if av ailable), and the BIC code of the bank holding the account to be credited. It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain from beneficiaries all data (IBAN or unique identifiers, BIC) necessary for issuing credit transfers, or to entrust its own BIC and IBAN codes to its debtors in order to benefit from a credit transfer. The Client is solely responsible f or the accuracy of inf ormation prov ided f or the requirements of executing a credit transfer order. The Bank has no obligation to correct or complete the information provided. A credit transfer order is only executed by the Bank only on the basis of an IBAN number, or any other unique identifier, independently of any additional information provided for the requirements of executing said pay ment instruction. The Bank draws the Client’s attention to the fact that: - ref usals can occur, i.e. refusals to execute before the interbank clearance, principally for the following reasons: insufficient funds in respect not only of the amount of the requested credit transfer but also of the applicable fees, incorrect IBAN or unique identifier for the payee, or inv alidity of the BIC f or the payee’s bank, - returns may also take place, i.e. refusals to execute after the interbank settlement, f or reasons such as inaccuracy of the IBAN or unique identifier for the payee’s account or the closure of said account. In the ev ent of refusal or return, execution of the credit transfer cannot take place as is, with the Bank notifying the Client of the existence of the refusal or return and, if possible, the grounds f or this, in accordance with the procedures and deadlines pertaining to the appropriate banking channel of communication. If, further to a refusal or return, the Client wishes to reissue a corrected credit transfer order, this will be treated as a new credit transf er order to which a new time f rame for execution will be applicable. The Bank reserv es the right to assess, at any time, the issuance to the Client of pay ment...
Means of Payment. When Merchant requests that AmeriFirst purchase a Contract, Merchant shall submit such request to AmeriFirst with the originals of all Finance Documents that AmeriFirst may require from time to time, properly executed and completed in a form satisfactory to AmeriFirst as determined in AmeriFirst's sole discretion. Upon acceptance of the Finance Documents by AmeriFirst, AmeriFirst will, as promptly as possible but no later than three (3) banking days thereafter, mail a bank draft, ACH or wire funds directly to Merchant in an amount communicated to Merchant at the time of Contract final approval.
Means of Payment. All payments due by the Parties to each other under this Agreement shall be made by bank wire transfer in immediately available funds to a bank account designated by the payee. All payments hereunder shall be made in U.S. dollars.
Means of Payment. Any Stock Option Agreement may, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Board, permit payment by any other form of legal consideration consistent with applicable law and any rules and regulations relating thereto.
Means of Payment. 27 13.2 Currency..................................................................................... 27 13.3
Means of Payment. 3-1 – Rules applicable to cheques 3-1-1 – Cheque books If the Banque de France’s central cheque database (Fichier Central des Chèques) and, where applicable, the national database for personal credit repayment incidents (Fichier national des Incidents de remboursement des Crédits aux Particuliers or FICP) allow it, the Caisse Régionale may issue cheque books to the Customer on request. No cheque book other than those issued may be used, and the Customer undertakes to use them without changing, tampering with or deleting what is written on them. If the Caisse Régionale does not immediately provide a cheque book, the Customer’s situation may be re-examined on request, which may be made quarterly. The Customer has several options for receiving a cheque book : - to have it sent by standard or registered post, - to collect it at the branch where the account is held. The choice is made by the Customer when ordering his first cheque book. He may later change his choice at any time, either in writing or by contacting his branch. The cost of postal delivery is indicated in the tariff guide. Any cheque book that the Customer has in his possession is his sole responsibility. He may be held liable if he fails to take proper care of it. The Caisse Régionale may refuse to issue, or suspend issuing, cheque books, but must give a reason for its decision, for example in the event that the Customer has been banned from issuing cheques or where an anomaly in the operation of the account has been detected which can be attributed to him, although the closure of the account may not be necessary. In this case, the Customer undertakes to immediately return his cheque books at the request of the Caisse Régionale, which may be made by any means. In the event that the Caisse Régionale has not authorised the Customer to use a cheque book, or has withdrawn the use of it for the above- mentioned reasons, the Customer may subsequently request that his situation be re-examined by sending a letter by standard post. The Caisse Régionale will debit from the account any cheques that the Customer has issued and which have been presented for payment. Withdrawing or blocking funds after a cheque has been drawn is prohibited and subject to criminal sanctions.
Means of Payment. Once you shall choose your Subscription Plan as above, and in consideration thereof, you shall be required to choose a method for payment from any of several third-parties payment processors that are external to our Site (such as payment via credit card, ACH, or others) (the “Third Party Payment Processors”). All payments are recurring (i.e., shall be automatically renewed at the end of the Billing Cycle of your Subscription Plan). You shall be solely liable for any fees, commissions, or rates of the Third-Party Payment Processors of your choosing.