Terms and Conditions of Purchase Sample Clauses

Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The Partnership Interest of a Limited Partner shall not be transferred to any Partner unless the requirements of Articles 16.2 and 16.4 (b) through (f) are satisfied with respect to it. The purchaser shall be liable for all obligations and liabilities connected with that portion of the Partnership Interest transferred to it unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Supplier agrees that UC may take any and all actions that it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary to address, mitigate and/or rectify any real or potential security threat, and that no such action, to the extent such action does not compromise device certification, will impact, limit, reduce or negate Supplier’s warranties or any of Supplier’s other obligations hereunder. Supplier warrants that any Medical Device provided to UC, and any other Medical Device used in the course of providing such Goods and/or Services, meet and comply with all cyber-security guidance and similar standards promulgated by the FDA and any other applicable regulatory body. If the Goods and/or Services entail provision or use of a Medical Device, Supplier will provide UC with a completed Manufacturer Disclosure Statement for Medical Device Security (MDS2) form for each such Medical Device before UC is obligated to purchase or lease such Medical Device or prior to Supplier’s use of such device in its performance of Services. If Supplier provides an MDS2 form to UC concurrently with its provision of Goods and/or Services, UC will have a reasonable period of time to review such MDS2 form, and if the MDS2 form is unacceptable to UC, then UC in its sole discretion may return the Goods or terminate the Agreement with no further obligation to Supplier.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Purchase shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. B. If Supplier is not an Applicable Large Employer (as defined above):
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. (i) Purchases made by BHGE of LM Products, Spare Parts and Services shall be subject to the following:
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. 7 4.4 BARTECH MINIBAR PURCHASE PRICE...............................................................8 4.5
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. 4.1 All orders under this Agreement shall be submitted to Cree in writing. Cree will advise C3 in writing within ten (10 ) days after receipt of each order whether Cree accepts the order. If not accepted within such 10-day period the order will be deemed rejected.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. 4.1 Norstel shall invoice C&C after the completion of the assessment of useable material by C&C as set out in Section 2.2 of the Agreement. Payment of each invoice is due within ten (10) days.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. Supplement 2 - Government Contract Provisions (DFARS) TC-003 (10/03)
Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The terms and conditions of any Purchase will be offered to the Referred Investor by the Company and will be negotiated by the Company and its advisors, if any. The Company shall be under no obligation to negotiate, or enter into any agreement with, any Referred Investor.