Other Clients Sample Clauses

Other Clients. Seller acknowledges that the Broker may or may not have other clients with similar property characteristics as the Seller. Broker shall not favor any client’s property over the Seller’s Property for any reason.
Other Clients. Buyer is aware and acknowledges that the Broker may or may not have other clients with similar wants and needs. Broker shall not favor any client over the Buyer for any reason.
Other Clients. Client understands that Adviser performs investment advisory services for various other clients. Adviser agrees to act in a manner consistent with its fiduciary obligation to deal fairly with all clients when taking investment actions. Client agrees that Adviser may give advice and take action in the performance of its duties with respect to any of its other clients that may differ from the timing or nature of action taken with respect to the Account. Adviser will not be under any obligation to purchase or sell for the Account any security that Adviser, its officers, or employees may purchase or sell for its or their own Accounts or purchase or sell or recommend for purchase or sale for the Account of another client if, in the sole discretion of Adviser, such action is not practical or desirable for the Account.
Other Clients. Sub-Adviser acts as adviser to other clients and may give advice, and take action, with respect to any of those which may differ from the advice given, or the timing or nature of action taken, with respect to the Fund. Sub-Adviser shall have no obligation to purchase or sell for the Fund, or to recommend for purchase or sale by the Fund, any security which Sub-Adviser, its principals, affiliates or employees may purchase or sell for themselves or for any other clients. Except as otherwise required by law, Sub-Adviser shall not make any information about the accounts of its clients available to Adviser or the Fund. Adviser recognizes that transactions in a specific security or securities may not be accomplished for all client accounts at the same time or at the same price. In the performance of Sub-Adviser's services hereunder, Sub-Adviser shall not be liable for any failure to recommend or effect any purchase or sale, or other investment or trading strategy on the basis of any information known to Sub-Adviser where the utilization of such information might, in Sub-Adviser's opinion, constitute a violation of any federal or state law, rules or regulations, or the breach of any fiduciary duty or confidential relationship between Sub-Adviser and any other person or persons.
Other Clients. It is further understood that Xxxxxxxx may be acting in a similar capacity for other institutional and individual clients, and that investments and reinvestments for Client's portfolio may differ from those made or recommended with respect to other accounts and clients even though the investment objectives may be the same or similar. Accordingly, it is agreed that Xxxxxxxx will have no obligation to purchase or sell for Client's account any securities which it may purchase or sell for other clients.
Other Clients any of PKF Capital, any of its Associates and any of its or their Representatives acting on behalf of other clients who may take positions opposite to the Client or may be in competition with the Client to acquire the same or a similar position.
Other Clients. The Consultant will not review or perform any services regarding any application made to the Municipality by any other client of Consultant, unless the services Consultant performs for such client are unrelated to the Municipality. In such instance, Consultant shall disclose the relationship immediately to the City Manager, who may retain a third party or alternate service provider to Consultant for those services the performance of which by the Consultant would create a perceived or real conflict of interest. The fees for the alternate to Consultant shall be deducted from the fee paid to the Consultant.
Other Clients. The Adviser represents that it does not have any responsibilities for other clients which conflict with or involve conflict of interest with its obligations under this Agreement and that it will not assume any such responsibilities while this Agreement is in force. No client relationship or activity on behalf of any client shall be deemed to involve a conflict of interest if such client relationship or activity has been fully and fairly disclosed in writing to the Company and approved by the Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of the Company or his/her designee, and to the administrator of the plans invested in the Trust Funds, and approved by the administrator of the Retirement Plans. It is understood and agreed that the Adviser may act as adviser to other insurance companies, to investment management companies, institutional funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, and other clients. The Company agrees that the Adviser may give advice and take action with respect to other clients which may differ from advice given or the timing or nature of action taken with respect to the Company. It is understood that the Adviser has a duty to allocate investment opportunities over time on a basis that is fair and equitable to each client. It is understood that the services provided to the Company are not exclusive and that individuals who perform services on behalf of the Adviser may not devote their full time to performance of duties under this Agreement.
Other Clients. Advisor represents to DKP that Advisor’s signature and the performance under this Agreement does not and will not conflict with any other agreement to which Advisor is a party or otherwise bound. Advisor shall notify DKP of any past or current agreements or understandings, and also any agreements or understandings entered into during the term of this Agreement, with third parties that relate in any way to Advisor’s obligations to DKP under this Agreement.
Other Clients. Nothing in the Contract will prevent or restrict any Deloitte Entity, including Deloitte, from providing services to other clients (including services which are the same or similar to the Services) or using or sharing for any purpose any knowledge, experience or skills used in, gained or arising from performing the Services subject to the obligations of confidentiality set out in Paragraph 10 even if those other clients’ interests are in competition with the Client Group. Also, to the extent that Deloitte possesses information obtained under an obligation of confidentiality to another client or other third party, Deloitte is not obliged to disclose it to any member of the Client Group, or use it for the benefit of the Client Group, however relevant it may be to the Services.