Original Sample Clauses

Original. Consultant submits to local agency with proposal (2) Copy – Local Agency files Page X- 0 of 12 Form Name: Master City of San Xxxx Consultant Agreement Exhibit E – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation Form/FileNo.: 1258461/T-29972.005 City Attorney Approval Date: September, 2014 Consultant Section The Consultant shall:
Original. This Agreement is signed in two original documents that are to be delivered to each initial Member. A photocopy of this Agreement, as signed, will be delivered to each substitute or additional Member, and each such photocopy will be deemed to be an original document.
Original. The word “original” refers to the first document (such as a Part 1 or other form) we use to start new products and services. We may note the original use of a form by placing an “O” (for orig- inal) in a box on the form. Our Check. The phrase “our check” means our cashier’s or teller’s check that we write (issue) to people, organizations or you. For fur- ther information, please see Provisions 5.a., 6.e., g., n. and 22.b.
Original. This Agreement made and entered into this 1 ._x_, day of _,.._c3_)_,_ '-- , 2007, by and between SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC & GAS COMPANY, its successors and assigns, hereinafter called "Seller" and CYTEC SURFACE SPECIALTIES, INC., at its Xxxxxxx facility, its successors and assigns, hereinafter called "Buyer". WlTNESSETH
Original. “Original” means any of (A) an original counterpart of any Lease or Assumed Contract, (B) the Hotel Records or (C) other documents which comprise or evidence the Intangibles, to the extent within Seller’s possession or control; and “the Originals” means all such items.