Original Sample Clauses

Original. LOAN-TO-VALUE RATIOS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- % OF PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL REMAINING RANGE OF ORIGINAL NUMBER OF BALANCE BALANCE TERM TO DEBT-TO- MORTGAGE LOAN-TO-VALUE MORTGAGE AS OF THE AS OF THE MATURITY INCOME RATES OLTV RATIOS (%) LOANS CUT-OFF DATE CUT-OFF DATE (MONTHS) (%) (%) FICO (%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35.01 - 40.00 1 $ 180,000.00 0.17 360 50.00 8.990 581 39.39 40.01 - 45.00 3 366,565.00 0.34 360 33.65 7.942 608 42.71 45.01 - 50.00 4 880,000.00 0.82 340 39.17 6.381 659 47.54 50.01 - 55.00 8 1,549,058.46 1.45 360 38.19 7.317 615 53.26 55.01 - 60.00 10 1,763,537.80 1.65 360 32.85 6.694 625 57.82 60.01 - 65.00 15 4,316,209.68 4.03 354 35.44 7.450 556 63.20 65.01 - 70.00 20 3,958,503.54 3.70 360 41.97 7.276 587 68.99 70.01 - 75.00 35 8,122,394.65 7.59 359 43.53 7.472 576 74.19 75.01 - 80.00 70 18,424,131.71 17.22 359 38.55 6.862 601 79.52 80.01 - 85.00 72 16,739,192.23 15.65 357 39.35 7.176 602 84.30 85.01 - 90.00 123 32,430,385.76 30.31 359 39.41 7.402 618 89.67 90.01 - 95.00 63 18,253,299.91 17.06 360 41.89 7.551 643 94.73 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL: 424 $106,983,278.75 100.00 359 39.79 7.285 610 83.29 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FICO SCORE AT ORIGINATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- % OF PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL REMAINING NUMBER OF BALANCE BALANCE TERM TO DEBT-TO- MORTGAGE RANGE OF MORTGAGE AS OF THE AS OF THE MATURITY INCOME RATES OLTV FICO SCORES LOANS CUT-OFF DATE CUT-OFF DATE (MONTHS) (%) (%) FICO (%) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 500 - 519 23 $ 4,595,949.45 4.30 360 40.32 8.168 510 76.71 520 - 539 35 7,620,982.95 7.12 360 36.10 7.759 531 74.82 540 - 559 41 10,804,288.32 10.10 357 42.05 7.689 550 81.54 560 - 579 38 11,211,555.09 10.48 360 37.18 7.512 568 82.31 580 - 599 52 12,388,535.07 11.58 356 40.43 7.185 590 81.81 600 - 619 59 15,100,892.87 14.12 359 39.22 7.049 609 85.11 620 - 639 59 14,669,112.01 13.71 360 42.03 7.166 630 86.59 640 - 659 40 10,134,173.07 9.47 359 40.51 7.008 651 86.17 660 - 679 27 6,03...
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Original. 17. If the Guarantor is a trust: no trustee of the Guarantor shall be held to any liability whatsoever for any obligation under this Guaranty, and this Guaranty shall not be enforceable against any such trustee in their or its, his or her individual capacities or capacity; and this Guaranty shall be enforceable against the trustees of the Guarantor only as such, and every person, firm, association, trust or corporation having any claim or demand arising under this Guaranty and relating to the Guarantor or any trustee of the Guarantor shall look solely to the trust estate of the Guarantor for the payment or satisfaction thereof. Acceptable Modifications to Paragraph 17
Original. 12. All notices and other communications hereunder shall be made at the addresses by hand delivery, by next day delivery service effective upon receipt, or by certified mail return receipt requested (effective upon scheduled weekday delivery day) or telefacsimile (effective upon receipt of evidence, including telefacsimile evidence, that telefacsimile was received) Acceptable Modifications to Paragraph 12 Optional Change #14
Original. To induce the Lender to enter into this Agreement, the Borrower represents and warrants to the Lender as follows:
Original. 14. This Guaranty and the rights and obligations of the DS Supplier and the Guarantor hereunder shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Guarantor and Guaranteed Party jointly and severally agree and irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of state and federal courts located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania over any disputes arising or relating to this Guaranty and waive and agree not to assert as a defense any objections to venue or inconvenient forum. The Guarantor and the Guaranteed Party consent to and grant any such court jurisdiction over the person of such party and over the subject matter of such dispute and agree that summons or other legal process in connection with any such action or proceeding shall be deemed properly and effectively served when sent by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested, to the address of the other party set forth in Paragraph 12 hereof, or in such other manner as may be permitted by law. The Guarantor and the Guaranteed Party each hereby irrevocably waives any and all rights to trial by jury with respect to any legal proceeding arising out of or relating to this Guaranty.
Original. 13. The Guarantor represents and warrants that: (a) it is duly organized and validly existing under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it was organized and has the power and authority to execute, deliver, and perform this Guaranty; (b) no authorization, approval, consent or order of, or registration or filing with, any court or other governmental body having jurisdiction over the Guarantor is required on the part of the Guarantor for the execution, delivery and performance of this Guaranty except for those already made or obtained; (c) this Guaranty constitutes a valid and legally binding agreement of the Guarantor, and is enforceable against the Guarantor; and (d) the execution, delivery and performance of this Guaranty by the Guarantor have been and remain duly authorized by all necessary corporate or comparable action and do not contravene any provision of its [insert appropriate corporate organizational document, such as Declaration of Trust, Limited Liability Company Agreement, Articles of Incorporation and by-laws] or any law, regulation or contractual restriction binding on it or its assets.
Original. 1. The Guarantor, as primary obligor and not merely as surety, hereby irrevocably and unconditionally guarantees the full and prompt payment when due (whether by acceleration or otherwise) of any sums due and payable by the DS Supplier as a result of an Event of Default under the Agreement(s) (including, without limitation, indemnities, damages, fees and interest thereon, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement(s)). [Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, the maximum aggregate liability of the Guarantor under this Guaranty shall in no event exceed $ , less the value of other liquid securities posted by the DS Supplier under the Agreement(s).] All such principal, interest, obligations and liabilities, collectively, are the “Guaranteed Obligations”. This Guaranty is a guarantee of payment and not of collection.
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Original. 2. The Guarantor hereby waives diligence, acceleration, notice of acceptance of this Guaranty and notice of any liability to which it may apply, and waives presentment and all demands whatsoever except as noted herein, notice of protest, notice of dishonor or nonpayment of any such liability, suit or taking of other action by Guaranteed Party against, and any other notice to, any party liable thereon (including the Guarantor), filing of claims with a court in the event of the insolvency or bankruptcy of the DS Supplier, and any right to require a proceeding first against the DS Supplier.
Original. 10. The Guarantor’s liability as guarantor shall continue and remain in full force and effect in the event that all or any part of any payment made hereunder or any obligation or liability guaranteed hereunder is recovered (as a fraudulent conveyance, preference or otherwise) rescinded or must otherwise be reinstated or returned due to bankruptcy or insolvency laws or otherwise. If claim is ever made upon the Guaranteed Party for repayment or recovery of any amount or amounts received from the Guarantor or the DS Supplier in payment or on account of any of the Guaranteed Obligations and the Guaranteed Party repays all or part of such amount by reason of (a) any judgment, decree or order of any court or administrative body having jurisdiction over such payee or any of its property, or (b) any settlement or compromise of any such claim effected by such payee with any such claimant (including the Guarantor), then and in such event the Guarantor agrees that any such judgment, decree, order, settlement or compromise shall be binding upon it, notwithstanding any revocation hereof or the cancellation of the Agreement(s) or other instrument evidencing any liability of the Guarantor, and the Guarantor shall be and remain liable to the Guaranteed Party hereunder for the amount so repaid or recovered to the same extent as if such amount had never originally been received by the Guaranteed Party.
Original. To induce the Bank to enter into this Agreement, the Borrower represents and warrants to the Bank as follows:
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