Obligations and Liabilities Sample Clauses

Obligations and Liabilities. 6. With effect from the Transfer Date, the Company and the Secretary of State release each other from all future obligations to the other under the Agreement.
Obligations and Liabilities. Notwithstanding Section 12.a., any termination of this Agreement shall not prejudice any obligations or liabilities of either party accrued prior to such termination.
Obligations and Liabilities. (i) At and after the Effective Time, SpinCo shall be solely and exclusively responsible for all obligations and Liabilities with respect to, or in any way related to, the SpinCo Director Plan, whether accrued before, at or after the Effective Time.
Obligations and Liabilities. (i) On and after June 1, 2013, NCTI or another member of the New News Corporation Group shall be solely and exclusively responsible for all obligations and Liabilities with respect to, or in any way related to, the NCTI SERP, whether accrued before, on or after the June 1, 2013. For the avoidance of doubt, and except as provided in Section 7.02(b), the NCTI SERP shall have the sole and exclusive obligation for all benefits accrued or earned by Employees of NCTI, Amplify Education Inc., News America Marketing, Inc. and NYP Holdings, Inc., who are employed by such entities on June 1, 2013 (whether or not vested and whether accrued or earned while employed by the Remainco Group or the New News Corporation Group).
Obligations and Liabilities. On the Closing Date, Buyer will not assume or be obligated to satisfy or perform any liabilities, obligations or payables of Seller, other than those secured by the Patents.
Obligations and Liabilities. The Authority’s obligations and liabilities under this Agreement shall not be reduced, discharged, impaired or affected by the giving of time or any other indulgence, forgiveness or forbearance by the Admission Body.
Obligations and Liabilities. Each party shall have the right to take and separately dispose of its portion of the Working Interest’s share of mineral extraction in kind at the concession site (prior to treatment or removal of extracted minerals or other materials) from the Property being developed hereby. The respective obligations and liabilities of the parties shall be several, not joint or collective, and each party shall be responsible only for its own obligations. DGG shall, within ninety (90) days after the end of each calendar year, cause to be delivered to NSRS any and all necessary documentation for NSRS to be able to file its tax return showing its profits/losses from the operations of the Property.
Obligations and Liabilities. (A) A withdrawing Party, prior to its withdrawal, shall satisfy all obligations and liabilities it has incurred or attributable to it prior to its withdrawal, including, without limitation, any expenditures budgeted and/or approved by the Operating Committee prior to its written notification of withdrawal (development projects included), and any liability for acts, occurrences or circumstances taking place or existing prior to its withdrawal. Furthermore, any liens, charges and other encumbrances which the withdrawing Party placed on such Party's Participating Interest prior to its withdrawal shall be fully satisfied or released, at the withdrawing Party's expense, prior to its withdrawal. A Party's withdrawal shall not relieve it from liability to the non-withdrawing Parties with respect to any obligations or liabilities attributable to the withdrawing Party which are not identified or identifiable at the time of withdrawal.