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Operator Services (Operator. Call Processing and Directory Assistance)
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Operator Services (Operator. Clerical and Administrative Staff Clerical Support; Coin Collector; Technician; Administrative Assistant; Technical Assistant; Public Affairs Assistant; Engineering Assistant; Human Resources Assistant; Marketing Research Assistant; Accountant. Systems Staff Programmer Analyst. Entrance Jobs When filling entrance jobs, the Company will first give consideration to employees who apply and meet the requirements of the job to be filled. If filling internally in accordance with the foregoing criteria, the employee with the most seniority shall be appointed to the position. The Company maintains the right, however, to fill such entrance jobs by hiring from outside the Company. Non-Entrance Jobs Positions shall be filled on the basis of seniority as per the most current seniority roster, merit and ability being sufficient to perform the duties required for the position to be filled. (iii) Where, in the opinion of the Company, no suitable applications are received in respect of a posted position, the Company shall notify the Union of same and, upon request, will advise the Union of the reasons that the applicants for said position were not considered suitable. The Company and Union agree that merit and ability shall be interpreted in the following manner. An employee to possess Merit and Ability:

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  • Contractor Services Emerald has contracted, on an exclusive basis, with official contractors to provide certain services for the Event. Service companies other than the official contractors will not be allowed to perform any of these exclusive services. Non-exclusive services may be performed by exhibitor-appointed contractors (“EACs”) within certain guidelines. Please refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual for a listing of exclusive services and EAC guidelines.

  • Monitoring Services IDT staff shall, using methods that include face-to-face and other contacts with the member, monitor the services a member receives. This monitoring shall ensure that:

  • Transportation Services i) In the event that transportation services for a student served by CONTRACTOR pursuant to an Individual Services Agreement are to be provided by a party other than CONTRACTOR or the LEA or its transportation providers, such services shall be reflected in a separate agreement signed by the parties hereto, and provided to the LEA and SELPA Director by the CONTRACTOR. Except as provided below, CONTRACTOR shall compensate the transportation provider directly for such services, and shall charge the LEA for such services at the actual and reasonable rates billed by the transportation provider, plus a ten percent (.10) administrative fee, unless a “flat rate” is provided in the transportation contract. In the event that the transportation provider notifies the LEA or SELPA Director that CONTRACTOR is more than 90 days behind in payment for transportation services, LEA shall have the right, in its sole and exclusive discretion, but not the obligation, to make payment for such services directly to the transportation provider, and to deduct such payments from any sums owed to CONTRACTOR pursuant to this Master Contract and any Individual Services Agreement between the parties. In the event that the LEA makes direct payment of the transportation provider’s charges, it shall be entitled to withhold both the transportation charges themselves and such additional amount as shall be reasonably necessary to compensate the LEA for the staff and other costs incurred in making direct payment of those charges. The remedies provided to the LEA pursuant to this Paragraph shall not be exclusive. CONTRACTOR shall not include transportation through the use of services or equipment owned, leased or contracted through the LEA unless expressly provided in the Individual Services Agreement for the student transported.

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