Obtain Sample Clauses

Obtain at the Borrower's and Guarantors' expense and as soon as reasonably possible, with respect to each Insurance Subsidiary, a current actuarial review and valuation statement of, and opinion as to the adequacy of, such Insurance Subsidiary's loss and loss adjustment expense reserve positions with respect to the insurance business then in force, and covering such other subjects as are customary in actuarial reviews and as may be requested by the Required Lenders, prepared by an independent actuarial firm acceptable to the Required Lenders in accordance with reasonable actuarial assumptions and procedures (the Borrower hereby agreeing to cooperate in connection therewith); and
Obtain once a year, a statement of the total pension benefits accrued and the vested pension benefits (if any) or the earliest date on which benefits will become vested. The Plan may require a written request for this statement, but it must provide the statement free of charge.
Obtain the Applicant’s written consent, in advance of making a request for information to PSP, using a form such as the example found at the link <<insert link “Important Notice Regarding Background Reports from the PSP Online Service”>>, in accordance with #4 below.
Obtain permit or allow in the Building the purchase, or acceptance for use in the demised premises, by means of a service cart, vending machine or otherwise, of any ice, drinking water, food, tobacco in any form, beverage, towel, barbering, boot blackening, cleaning, floor polishing or other similar items or services from any persons, except such persons, during such hours, and at such places within the Building and under such requirements as may be determined by Landlord with respect to the furnishing of such items and services, provided that the charges for such items and services by such persons are not excessive.
Obtain preserve and maintain all of the Borrower's rights, privileges, licenses and permits necessary or desirable in the normal conduct of Borrower's business.
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Obtain effect and keep effective all permissions, licences and permits which may from time to time be required in connection with the Equipment;
Obtain a Maryland Controlled Dangerous Substance (MCDS) license from the Maryland Division of Drug Control; and
Obtain a written description from the Beneficiary regarding 3rd The Auditor compared the description of the 3rd party resources provided by the Beneficiary to the Procedures Standard factual finding and basis for exception reporting party resources used and compare with Annex 1 to the Grant Agreement. specification in Annex 1 to the Grant Agreement, and found them to be the same If the descriptions do not clearly match, this should be reported as an exception in the main report.
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