Available Balance Sample Clauses

Available Balance. Each time you use your Card, you authorize us to reduce the value available on your Card by the amount of the transaction and any applicable fees, taxes or other charges assessed by the merchant. Transactions that exceed the remaining balance on your Card are prohibited and should be declined at the point of sale. If, notwithstanding an insufficient balance, an authorization is received by the merchant or the merchant uses other means to proceed with the transaction, then you agree to reimburse us for any amount in excess of the Card balance for such a transaction. Refunds for Purchases Made with the Card. Any refund for goods or services purchased with the Card will be made in the form of a credit to the Card and pursuant to the refund policy of the merchants where such goods or services were purchased. If you receive a credit, the credit may not be added to the available funds on the Card for seven (7) business days. You are not entitled to receive a cash refund. Disputes with Merchants. We are not responsible for the delivery, quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of goods and services that you purchase from others with your Card. All such disputes should be addressed to the merchants from whom the goods and services were purchased.
Available Balance. Your account’s Available Balance is our most current record of the amount of money in your account that is available for use or withdrawal (subject to the additional limitations and restrictions set forth in this Agreement, including as further explained in the Disclosures and Schedules, including without limitation, “What You Need to Know About Overdraft Protection”; “Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosures”; and “Funds Availability Policy”). The account’s Available Balance includes adjustments for factors such as restrictions or holds placed on deposited funds in your account, and restrictions or holds placed on funds in your account as a result of preauthorization holds in connection with the use of your Debit Card. Each of these restrictions and holds affects (reduces) the availability of funds in your account for use or withdrawal, including without limitation, to pay for checks drawn on your account, debits, Debit Card purchases, ACH transactions, ATM withdrawals, fees, and any other withdrawal or payment transactions on your account. We use the account’s Available Balance to authorize your transactions during the day, to pay your transactions in our nightly / daily processing, in determining whether the account has been overdrawn, and in assessing fees in connection with any overdrafts. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MAY STILL OVERDRAW YOUR ACCOUNT EVEN THOUGH THE ACCOUNT’S AVAILABLE BALANCE APPEARS TO SHOW THERE ARE SUFFICIENT FUNDS TO COVER A TRANSACTION THAT YOU WANT TO MAKE. Your account’s Available Balance may not reflect every transaction you have initiated or previously authorized, including without limitation, your outstanding checks, automatic bill payments that you have authorized, authorized automatic withdrawals (such as recurring Debit Card transactions, transfers, and ACH transactions that we have not received for payment or received too close to our nightly/daily processing to include in your account’s Available Balance), the final amounts of Debit Card purchases (e.g., we may authorize a purchase amount prior to a tip you add or a gasoline purchase that exceeds the authorization amount). For example, an outstanding check will not be reflected in your Available Balance until it is presented to us and paid from your account. Your account’s Available Balance also may not reflect recent deposits to your account that are subject to our Funds Availability Policy. Therefore, in order to avoid fees and/or overdrawing...
Available Balance. The available balance in your account is the ending balance on the previous banking day after we have posted all transactions, plus or minus pending transactions (such as deposits, debit card transactions or ATM withdrawals) that have not yet been posted to your account, and minus any holds that we have placed on your account. The available balance does not include (i) transactions that have not been presented for payment, such as checks that you have issued or debit card transactions that you have made that were not authorized by us for the merchant, or (ii) holds for debit card transactions that we authorized for a merchant but were released. For example, if a merchant obtains authorization on a signature-based debit card transaction, a hold will be placed on your account for the amount of the transaction for a period of three (3) business days or until the item is paid, whichever occurs first. During the hold period, the debit card transaction is reflected in your available balance. The debit card transaction is not reflected in your available balance after the hold is released. You are responsible for keeping accurate records concerning transactions on your account and whether transactions have been presented and paid or whether the transactions are outstanding. LIABILITY - You agree, for yourself (and the person or entity you represent if you sign as a representative of another) to the terms of this account and the schedule of charges (sometimes referred to as fees). You authorize us to deduct these charges directly from the available account balance as accrued regardless of whether such charges create an overdraft in the account. You will pay any additional reasonable charges for services you request which are not covered by this agreement. Each of you also agrees to be jointly and severally (individually or in solido) liable for any account shortage resulting from charges or overdrafts, whether caused by you or another with access to this account. Each of you authorize us to deduct these charges directly from the available account balance as accrued regardless of whether such charges create an overdraft in the account. You have no right to defer payment of this liability, and you are liable regardless of whether you signed the item or benefited from the charge or overdraft. This includes liability for our costs to collect the deficit including, to the extent permitted by law, our reasonable attorneys’ fees. IF YOU FURNISH TO US AN INCORRECT ACCOUNT ...
Available Balance. Customer acknowledges and agrees that (i) the ledger balance for any Account maintained by Customer at Bank will equal the actual balance in Customer’s account at the beginning of a specific Business Day, excluding any holds or pending transactions that have not posted to the account, (ii) the Available Balance for any account maintained by Customer at Bank will equal the amount of funds available for immediate withdrawal or use, as set forth in the definition of “Available Balance” in Exhibit A, (iii) BASED ON THE PRACTICES OF MERCHANTS AND OTHER COUNTERPARTIES, DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS CAN APPEAR AND DISAPPEAR IN AN ACCOUNT OVER A PERIOD OF DAYS BEFORE FINALLY CLEARING WHICH CAN IMPACT THE REPORTED AVAILABLE BALANCE, (iv) CUSTOMER CAN INCUR OVERDRAFT CHARGES BY RELYING ON ANY AVAILABLE BALANCE INFORMATION, (v) account balance information provided online by Bank is not intended as a substitute for proper account maintenance, including the recording of Customer’s debits in an account register, and (vi) THE AVAILABLE BALANCE FOR ANY ACCOUNT MAINTAINED BY CUSTOMER AT BANK DOES NOT REFLECT OUTSTANDING CHECKS OR DEBIT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT. Customer will be solely responsible for any liabilities, damages, costs or fees incurred by Bank with respect to any actions or omissions of Customer related to Customer’s available balance, along with any overdraft fees in effect from time to time. All transfers are subject to a sufficient Available Balance in Customer’s Account at the time of the transfer and may be limited by controls used by Bank to manage the risk associated with such transactions.
Available Balance. Your Available Balance may fluctuate from day to day because it is dependent upon changes in the bal- ance in your Account. Your Available Balance may differ from your Free Credit Balance and Combined Asset Value. Shortly after BNY Mellon is notified of a Transaction, your Available Balance is reduced, not when a sales draft or Cash Advance draft is paid. For example, your Account may be debited (and Available Balance reduced) on the day an item is presented by electronic or other means, or at an earlier time based on notifi- cation received by us that an item drawn on your Account has been deposited for collection at another financial institution. When you use your Card, the charge or reduction to your Available Balance generally occurs immediately, and you understand (with the exception of preauthorized Card Transac- tions) that you have no right to stop payment on most Card Transactions. You understand that Authorizations will reduce your Available Balance by the amount of the Authorization even if the Authorization does not result in a Transaction. Note that an Authorization will reduce your Available Balance until the Transaction is completed in whole or in part, or after the expira- tion of a time period specified by us.
Available Balance. Your available balance is your actual balance less: (i) holds placed on deposits; (ii) holds on debit card or other transactions that have been authorized but are not yet posted; and (iii) any other holds, such as holds related to pledges of account funds, minimum balance requirements, or to comply with court orders. We use your available balance to determine whether there are sufficient funds in your account to pay items, including checks and drafts, as well as ACH, debit card and other electronic transactions. You may check your available balance online at xxx.xxxx-xxxx.xxx, by accessing our mobile banking app, by calling us toll free at 000-000-0000, or by visiting a Self-Help ATM.
Available Balance. Your Available Balance may fluctuate from day to day based upon the Transactions made against the balance in your Account. The Available Balance reduces when we receive notice of a Transaction, not when a sales draft is paid. If you make a Transaction that exceeds your Available Balance or you overdraw your Account, you agree to deposit sufficient funds (or make a payment directly to us) to cover the overdraft.
Available Balance. The Current Balance (i) minus any pending electronic transactions yet to be debited, posted, or settled in your Account including but not limited to authorized pending payment transactions, POS Transactions, and merchant payment authorizations; plus (ii) any deposits that we have made avai lable to you even though we have not yet received good funds (i.e., when we give you access to funds from a deposited check even though we have not yet received funds from the financial institution on which the check is drawn). For example, when you present your Debit Card to a merchant, the merchant generally will ask us to authorize the transaction. If we provide this authorization, usually a temporary merchant payment authorization hold is placed on your funds equal to the amount of the transaction and this amount will not be included in your Available Balance. Also, some merchants, like hotels and rental car companies, will create an authorized pending transaction and place a temporary merchant payment authorization hold on your Account equal to or greater than the amount of the transaction in an attempt to ensure sufficient available funds will be in your Account when you make final payment (e.g., when you check out of the hotel or return the rental car). The amount of this temporary merchant payment authorization hold also won’t be included in your Available Balance. Your Available Balance does not reflect any check you have written against your Account that has not yet been presented for payment. Your Available Balance is based on your Current Balance less:
Available Balance. Is your current balance minus any charges you have made that have not cleared your account or are on hold.