Purchase Transaction definition

Purchase Transaction means a purchase of scrap metal, or the purchase of property described in section 10 if the knowing purchase or offer to purchase that property is not prohibited by that section, by a scrap metal dealer. The term does not include any of the following:
Purchase Transaction means the transaction processed by the supplier of goods or services purchased using the card.
Purchase Transaction means a purchase or lease of goods or services using your Account.

Examples of Purchase Transaction in a sentence

  • In addition, the Fund may, provided it is in its exclusive interest, buy protection under Credit Default Swaps (individually a "Credit Default Swap Purchase Transaction", collectively the "Credit Default Swap Purchase Transactions") without holding the underlying assets.

  • If you or a terminated Authorized User continue to use a Card, Card Number, or Convenience Checks after you receive notice of termination or suspension from us and we pay a fee to a Person to recover such Card or Convenience Checks, the amount of that fee may be charged to your Account as a Purchase Transaction, even after your Account has been closed.

  • To the extent that during the course of the Purchaser's initial review, the Purchaser discovers that the Mortgage Loans do not otherwise meet the Seller's Underwriting Guidelines or the terms of the Purchase Transaction, the Purchase shall have the right to carry out additional due diligence reviews, which additional due diligence shall be at the expense of the Company.

  • The Company shall not, and shall procure that each other member of the Group shall not, enter into any Debt Purchase Transaction or beneficially own all or any part of the share capital of a company that is a Lender or a party to a Debt Purchase Transaction of the type referred to in paragraphs (b) or (c) of the definition of Debt Purchase Transaction.

  • You further acknowledge that we shall not be liable to you under any circumstances whatsoever for any Losses directly or indirectly caused by any delay in delivery or any unavailability of Gold Bullion, whether as a result of any third party (including any counterparty pursuant to the Corresponding Purchase Transaction) or otherwise, unless such delay in delivery or unavailability of Gold Bullion arises directly out of our gross negligence, fraud or wilful default.

More Definitions of Purchase Transaction

Purchase Transaction means the purchase by a pawnbroker
Purchase Transaction. – means a transaction with a merchant displaying the Visa
Purchase Transaction means a transaction in which the secondary metals
Purchase Transaction has the meaning set forth in the recitals.
Purchase Transaction means the purchase by the Purchaser of AOG Units from the Holder pursuant to a Notice of Sale at a price agreed upon, in good faith, by the Holder and the Purchaser that does not involve a Registered Sale or a Private Placement.
Purchase Transaction means (i) any direct or indirect acquisition, whether by purchase, merger, consolidation, stock sale (primary or secondary) or any other structure which would result in the sale of any part of Seller’s capital stock, assets or business, in either one or a series of transactions; or (ii) any arrangement whereby effective operating control of Seller’s assets, consolidated business or a substantial portion thereof is granted to another party.
Purchase Transaction has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.