Purchase Transaction definition

Purchase Transaction means the purchase by a pawnbroker in the course of his or her business of tangible personal property for resale, other than newly manufactured tangible personal property that has not previously been sold at retail, when the purchase does not constitute a contract for purchase.
Purchase Transaction means a purchase of scrap metal, or the purchase of property described in section 10 if the knowing purchase or offer to purchase that property is not prohibited by that section, by a scrap metal dealer. The term does not include any of the following:
Purchase Transaction means the purchase by the Purchaser of AOG Units from the Holder pursuant to a Notice of Sale at a price agreed upon, in good faith, by the Holder and the Purchaser that does not involve a Registered Sale or a Private Placement.

Examples of Purchase Transaction in a sentence

Voting undertaking: Certain Founders and subscribers under the Forward Purchase Transaction have undertaken that each of them will vote in favour of any other proposals that the parties deem necessary or desirable to consummate the transactions under the Merger Agreement.

More Definitions of Purchase Transaction

Purchase Transaction means a transaction in which the secondary metals
Purchase Transaction means the sale to the Borrower by Meritage Midstream Services III, LP or its Affiliate of all of the equity, assets and business of Meritage, pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement.
Purchase Transaction. – means a transaction with a merchant displaying the Visa
Purchase Transaction means a purchase or lease of goods or services using your Account.
Purchase Transaction means a transaction in which a secondary metals recycler
Purchase Transaction means any payment made to a Merchant using your Card or Card details.
Purchase Transaction means any purchase transaction related to the Term Deposit Account-i executed between the parties for the sale and purchase of Commodity based on payments with deferred payment.