Term of the Loan Sample Clauses

Term of the Loan. All principal, interest and other sums due under the Loan Documents shall be due and payable in full on the Maturity Date.
Term of the Loan. The term of the Loan shall be 12 months, commencing from [see Schedule A] and expiring on [see Schedule A] (the “Term”). Where the above commencement date is inconsistent with the date set forth on the loan-to deposit certificate (the “LDC” or “Loan Receipt”, the date set forth on the LDC for the first advance of the Loan shall be the commencement date of the Term and the expiry date of the Term shall be adjusted accordingly. The LDC shall constitute an integral part of the Contract and have the equal legal force as the Contract.
Term of the Loan. The Loan is granted for a term of 6 months, commencing from July 3, 2006 to January 3, 2007. If the actual drawdown date of the Loan is different from the above-mentioned commencement date, the commencement and maturity dates of the Loan shall be the dates prescribed in the relevant certificate of indebtedness.
Term of the Loan. The term of the Loan will expire on the Maturity Date set forth in the Note.
Term of the Loan. (a) Unless the Loan is otherwise earlier accelerated as permitted herein or under any other Loan Document, all principal, interest and other sums due under the Loan Documents shall be due and payable in full on the Original Maturity Date, subject to the Extension Option. The terms and provisions of this Section 4.3 (and any extension of the Original Maturity Date pursuant hereto) shall not constitute a waiver of the requirement that any modification of the Note or any of the Loan Documents shall require the express written approval of Agent, no such approval (either expressed or implied) having been given as of the date hereof (other than as expressly set forth herein). The Extension Option shall automatically expire and terminate, and shall thereafter be null and void, if Borrowers do not duly elect such Extension Option expressly in accordance therewith.
Term of the Loan. There is a minimum mortgage term of 5 years for all mortgages, other than for existing borrowers moving home borrowing the same or less. The maximum term is 40 years (or 25 years for interest- only, where sale of the property is the repayment vehicle). Applicants who request a mortgage term that would take them beyond their intended retirement age are declined. An intended retirement age of more than 75 years is not accepted. Applicants who have already retired are eligible for a mortgage. Existing borrowers moving home borrowing the same or less can maintain an existing loan part that extends beyond their retirement age subject to, inter alia, any increased loan amount having a term that does not extend beyond the existing mortgage term, and the loan being assessed as affordable in retirement.
Term of the Loan. 5.1 On the Final Maturity Date, the Borrower shall repay in full the outstanding principal amount of the Loan, plus accrued and unpaid and payable thereon.
Term of the Loan. The term of the Loan starts from the date on which the Loan was provided until ten (10) years thereafter. Should any Borrower not be able to repay the Loan in compliance with Article 1.4 of this Agreement due to the restrictions under applicable laws upon the expiry of the term, the term of the Loan shall be extended automatically until such time when the applicable laws permit the repayment in such mode and the Lender agrees to accept the repayment by the Borrowers in accordance with the mode of payment set forth in Article 1.4 herein. Except as provided in Article 1.5 herein, the Borrowers may not request to repay the Loan before the due date.
Term of the Loan. 2.1 The term of the loan under this Agreement shall begin from July 27, 2017 to ten years after the execution of this Agreement (“Term of the Loan”); the Term of the Loan may be extended upon the Lender’s written confirmation; the extended term shall be determined by the Lender.
Term of the Loan the term of the loan shall commence on the execution date of this Agreement and expire on the day when Party B has completed its obligations in a way specified in Article 9 hereof.